Apply to Become a Ralph Bunche Scholar


For now, email the program director:

  • Please include a statement of intent (about why you want to join RBS, your educational goals, your background -- 500-1000 words)
  • Also, your transcripts (from LACC, at least 12 units; or high school)
  • Also, a letter of recommendation from a professor (or high school teacher). This can be sent separately.
  • Also, please try to meet with the program director.

Application Deadlines

Late August for Fall admission, Late January for Spring admission

NOTE: You may apply to join at any time of the year, but the point is to start the following semester in an honor's section, so the above deadlines are set.

About the Ralph Bunche Scholars (RBS) Program

The Ralph Bunche Scholars (RBS) Program at Los Angeles City College prepares students for the rigors of academic work at four-year universities. Students who complete honors coursework build academic skills that increase their ability to transfer successfully into competitive colleges and universities.

Qualifying students are welcome to apply! We encourage applications from highly motivated individuals who are seeking to enrich their college experience with rigorous academic preparation and other opportunities. Students may enter the RBS Program directly out of high school or as a continuing college student who has completed at least 12 units (and no more than 30 units).

To certify in the RBS Program, you are expected to complete 4 honors classes (for STEM majors only), or 5 honors classes (for all other majors) to total at least 15 honors units, earn a minimum of 3.3 GPA or higher, finish 30 hours of community service and turn in a research essay (usually done as part of an honors class). Upon completion of these requirements stated above, students will be certified as Ralph Bunche Scholars and/or TAP certified.

Admission Requirements:

High school seniors entering as first-time college students:

  • 3.3 GPA
  • Statement of Intent
  • One letter of recommendation from teacher or counselor

Continuing/Current college students:

  • 3.3 transferable GPA
  • Minimum 12 semester units of transferable college coursework completed
  • Statement of Intent
  • One letter of recommendation from an LACC faculty member or former instructor

Special Admits:

Students who do not qualify for admission to the program by meeting the traditional requirements but believe they demonstrate evidence of scholarly promise, qualities of leadership, and potential for academic and/or artistic excellence may request special admission. Special admits must interview with the program director.

Contact Us




Franklin Hall 205


Director: Professor Evan Kendall

Email: @email
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2340