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College Catalog

Catalogs are published annually. The catalog’s academic year is indicated in the catalog’s title (e.g. 2023-2024). Whenever necessary, an addendum to the catalog is published to include mid-year changes.


LACC 2023-2024 College Catalog

Complete LACC 2023-24 College Catalog

2023-2024 Mid Year Addendum

2023-2024 catalog cover


Section 1: About LACC
Section 2: Getting on the Pathway: Admissions, Registration, English/ ESL/ Math Placement, Fees, Financial Aid, Onboarding
Section 3: Learning and Staying on the Pathway: Learning Outcomes, Student Support Services, Academic and College Policies, Student Handbook
Section 4: Completing the Pathway: Requirements for Degrees, Certificates, and Transfer
Section 5: Programs
Section 6: Courses
Section 7: Faculty and Administration


Prior College Catalogs

Complete LACC 2022-23 College Catalog

2022-2023 Mid-Year Addendum

For reference purposes, a catalog archive is available.