What is Dual Enrollment?

The Dual Enrollment Program is an accelerated program that allows qualified students to fulfill high school graduation requirements while simultaneously gaining college credits toward a certificate, diploma, or a college degree. Los Angeles City College offers a variety of college courses that are conveniently offered at our local high schools. Students and counselors should note that these classes should be taken by students ready for college level work.

Research has shown that Dual Enrollment classes can be used effectively to promote post-secondary education and success, expand rigor and breadth of high school curriculum, and provide access to challenging, college preparatory curriculum to students who might otherwise have been shut out of such curriculum through the traditional high school system. Classes are also open to LACC students who are willing to travel to the local high school.

Dual Enrollment classes are scheduled through LACC Administration by request of the high school principal or college counselor, who may contact the Dual Enrollment Program for information and program application form.

Our goal is to allow High School students exposure to college level curriculum and prepare them for post-secondary education

Dual Enrollment vs Concurrent

To participate in the high school Dual Enrollment program, complete the following action steps:

  • Apply for Admission
  • Set up MyPortal Account
  • Complete Dual Enrollment Overview
  • Browse the Course Schedule
  • Meet the Prerequisites, if required 
  • Submit a K-12 form or Dynamic Form 
  • Check in with your school counselor if you need support . 

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