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Our Mission

The mission of City Cares Network is to enable students to gain self-sufficiency and remove barriers to academic success by addressing their basic needs. At our centralized hub, we connect students to essential resources, services, and support both on and off campus.

LACC's City Cares Network administers its own branch of the Fresh Success program, which is designed to guide and support CalFresh participants through education and training on the path to economic self-sufficiency.

*some resources have eligibility requirements.

Are you worried about making ends meet while attending college?

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You're not alone. An estimated 2 out of 3 students at LACC are, too.

Do you need assistance with textbook, food, transportation, housing, and other college and living expenses?


Complete the Resource Request Form to request a review of your eligibility for City Cares Network resources*

Students must be signed into the LACCD student portal to access the Resource Request Form.


Los Angeles City College students in need of assistance may contact City Cares Network

by email: @email
by phone: (323) 953-4000 Ext. 2190
or, by booking an appointment through Cranium Cafe: City Cares Network virtual lobby 


Students who are experiencing a basic needs emergency may complete an Emergency Aid Request at any time, even when the Resource Request Form is closed. Please note that these requests must be processed and reviewed by our team, and there is no guarantee that your request will be granted.


Resources Available:

The resources offered by City Cares Network, as well as their eligibility requirements, are subject to change. In the past, some of the resources we have offered include the followng:

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Textbooks and Course Materials

Food Assistance Icon

Food Assistance

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Housing and Utilities Resources

Transportation Resources Icon

Transportation Resources

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Health and Wellness Services

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And many more academic and support services

Need Assistance?

In Person:
For quick questions, you can visit City Cares Network, located in Student Union 225 Monday through Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm.
For longer meetings, we recommend making an appointment by sending an email or using Cranium Cafe (see below).

To speak virtually with a member of our team, please use Cranium Cafe:
For general inquiries, visit the City Cares Network virtual lobby.
For inquiries about the Fresh Success program, visit the Fresh Success virtual lobby.

Contact Us

Office Hours and Location

Tuesdays to Thursdays: 10:00AM - 3:00PM

Online/ Virtual
Mondays to Thursdays: 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Fridays: 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Saturdays to Sundays: Closed


Email: @email
Email: @email
Phone: (323)953-4000 Ext. 2190