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Welcome New Students!

Welcome new and prospective LACC students! Starting a new educational journey can be exciting and overwhelming. Whether you are directly transitioning to college from high school or attending college for the first time, there are many decisions to make and challenges to face.

The First Year Experience (FYE) program is designed to help you be successful in your first year of college by providing a supportive, nurturing environment complete with educational and career guidance, so you may achieve all of your personal goals. Visit our Getting Started page for more information and to apply!


FYE Mission Statement

Los Angeles City College First Year Experience program provides students with quality educational experiences and support services to increase college completion rates.

Our institution recognizes the importance of a holistic educational experience for undergraduate success. Here at FYE, it is our goal to foster academic and career achievement through a unique combination of advising approaches that fit the needs of our diverse student population. Faculty, educational counselors, and success coaches have a vested interest and shared responsibility in counseling students in accordance with students’ values, strengths, and goals.

As a whole, we strive to equip our students with lifelong skills that align with their vision for their future and empower them to pursue learning as a lifelong endeavor in a diverse society.


Learn About FYE Directly from the Students!

Video closed captions: So i wasn't the best high school student i barely graduated high school with like a 2.3 gpa so being in the first year program really gave me like tools to be able to succeed and maintain a higher gpa i didn't qualify for financial aid that's why i couldn't attend a csu or uc right after i graduated high school i didn't want to take out any loans um so then coming to lacc i was informed by one of the counselors in general counseling that i actually qualified for fye um and i didn't know i was going to get my second my first and second year paid for so it was super helpful you're going through this huge transitional change from like high school to college courses which is already a huge jump and you're maturing but knowing that like you're receiving that financial help or that financial aid from the program just helps you so much because i didn't have to worry about books and i have to worry about classes and i have to worry about nothing the only thing that i had to put my 100 confidences was in my education not having to worry about oh my god like can i take this class too expensive and like just being able like okay i can take all of these classes and they'll cover it because you know they want me to do well they want me to succeed is really really helpful

throughout my two years with fye i did like meeting with the counselors meeting with the success coaches just getting to know them and knowing that they were there for me throughout my whole journey was something that i really enjoyed um so it is very much like an open door policy you could just stop by rent or have if you have a question or even if you like want to eat your food there they're super opening and welcome and receptive and i love that kind of like a group of people who i can always talk to whether it was like struggling with classes or just struggling with like you know like personal stuff like anxiety or stress like there was always somebody there at the office and you would just go specific classes specifically for first-year students really helped me um i got to meet a lot of new friends who i'm very close with today and then the mixers that we had so halloween mixers and the christmas mixers were really fun um getting just to spend time with the students and the staff and getting to play games music and eating so um those were good times that i had in fye

um it wasn't as scary to go speak to a instructor and ask my questions because they knew i was the first student and i was struggling did that first year to adjust email my professors or visit them during their office hours just so they can help me break down certain assignments or just help me with anything making yourself known to your teachers because who knows how many classes they have a day and how many students they're seeing but if you're recognizable i feel like they're more likely to help you out answer your emails

think of it as like you're working towards your career now so you have to take things much more seriously so in high school you always have somebody telling you oh go to class you know why are you out of class being on time there's nobody doing that you can leave class they're not going to say anything so really anything that you do is up to you so every decision that you make whether good or bad it's going to affect you you're not going to get it right away um and i want everyone to know that you're not gonna get it right away it is gonna be um challenging um but i believe that that's something that i've learned in life that not everything's gonna be a piece of gum it's not going to be easy trust your process don't put too much stress on yourself and be kind to yourself

it's a good environment to be able to go from not the best student to adjusting and becoming the student i am today um and thanks to the first year experience program um along with the counselors eric romero and jessica cerda i was able to not only apply but  successfully transferred to um cal state dominguez hills and having that support with me got me where i am today so right now i'm at cal state la getting my bachelor's and i wouldn't have done it without the team without the fye team i wouldn't be as confident and as happy with my direction if it weren't for the help of fye so


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