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Second Year Experience (SYE)

Second Year Free Tuition!

The California College Promise program has great news! Existing law establishes that the California College Promise provides funding to help pay for the student's first year in college and now dedicated to supporting students in their second year as well! Not only is California supporting college students as they begin college but now helping them complete.

The Second Year Experience (SYE) at LACC is a collection of services and opportunities designed specifically for second-year student success. Through the efforts of the LA College Promise and AB 19/2, Los Angeles City College has assigned a high priority to address second year retention and success in order to enhance their learning experience from the first year. While the first year focused on getting accustomed to college, the second year is focused on furthering self-exploration, establishing goals, and setting down a path on how to achieve them. Students will leave the SYE program more scholastically informed and excited about their personal, career, and educational future.

SYE's goal is to help students be successful in college, enjoy their experience, develop into educated citizens of society, and get the most out of their university experience. With a year under their belt, this is the time to truly prosper!

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Benefits of SYE

  • Free college tuition for the second year of college
  • Counselors that focus on helping you stay on track and thrive
  • Success Coaches to help you explore your future options and address challenges
  • Collaborations with important resources such as Transfer Center and Career Center
  • Workshops and social events that focus on exploring life after LACC
  • Develop professional skills that will help you beyond the SYE experience

Requirements for the SYE program

  • Must have completed College Promise Requirements within their first year at LACC
    • Enrolled as a fulltime student throughout their fall and spring semester of their first year*
    • Maintained equivalent or over a 2.0 GPA within their first year
    • Have completed at least 18 units by the end of the summer before your second year
    • Completed a summer bridge experience the summer prior to their first semester in college
  • Must complete SYE Summer Assignment via CANVAS prior to fall semester (read emails for more information)
  • Be enrolled in at least 12 units each semester*
  • Apply to FAFSA or CA Dream Act each year

*Some exceptions to requirements may apply, including for students with a disability who participate in the OSS program. Please meet with an FYE counselor for more details.

Expecations for SYE Program

  • Meet with a counselor (preferably the SYE Counselor) at least once a semester
  • Meet with a SYE success coach at least once a semester
  • Must complete at least one Student Success Activity each semeseter
  • Students must comply with the student conduct standards and employ proper professional etiquette in person and online

Future Considerations for SYE Cohort:

As we create a more comprehensive second year experience for students, we are recommending that students get involved on campus, which can be achieved by:

  • Join a club or major/career specific group within their 2nd year, or
  • Become a peer mentor for incoming first year students, or
  • Volunteer/participate in the LACC Open House, or
  • Participate in the Center for Community College Partnerships (CCCP) program

Voices from SYE Students

"FYE has helped me figure out my college plan and helped me achieve success in my classes." - Current 2nd Year A. Aguilar

"The FYE program has been incredibly encouraging and helpful in achieving my academic goals. They helped me stay on track to succeed and made my first year at LACC more manageable and less stressful." - Current 2nd Year C. Mota-Velasquez

The counselors and Success Coaches were always available to answer any of my questions and concerns

Office Hours

Mondays to Thursdays: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Fridays: 8:00AM - 1:30PM
Saturdays to Sundays: Closed