Disbursements & Refunds 

Disbursements are financial aid funds applied to your student account. Disbursement is a technical term used by the financial aid department. The financial aid department disburses federal and state aid (Pell, Sub, Unsub, PLUS, Cal Grants, etc.) to your student account to pay for your direct educational cost. Once your direct educational cost are paid, the financial aid department “refunds” the credit balance to you.

Disbursement dates and deadlines are determined by Federal, State, District and/or institutional regulations and policies. 


Students who are new to LACCD will receive information by mail and e-mail from BankMobile regarding the process to select their refund preference. For more information, visit BankMobile Refund Choices.

AB540 Students

AB540 students who currently have an open bank account or are eligible to open an account will receive their funds electronically via their selected refund preference with BankMobile. All others will receive their refunds by paper check delivered to the mailing address on file with Admissions & Records.

It is critical that all students update the mailing address on file with the Admissions & Records Office to ensure receipt of their BankMobile Refund Selection notification (look for a green envelope). If you have not received your BankMobile Refund Selection notification, please contact the college Business Office.

Disbursement Adjustments

Disbursements will be adjusted if enrollment is less than full-time. Supplemental disbursements occur throughout the academic year. If your enrollment status has increased and you are due an additional refund, it will be deposited to your account. Disbursements will be adjusted if enrollment increases or decreases. Disbursement for late-starting classes cannot be issued until the class begins. After the second disbursement date of each semester, no further award adjustments can be made based on late enrollment.

Exception: Students must complete their Winter session courses to be eligible for disbursement.

Students are encouraged to log-on to the Student Portal to view their disbursement and refund information.