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ASG Club Council

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 12:00pm-1:30pm
Student Union Conference Room (2nd floor)
Chair: ASG Executive of Clubs, Natalie Goodliffe


Active Clubs - Fall 2023






Anime & Voice Acting Club

Thursdays, Weekly. 1:00pm

JH 102


Jesus Lozano

Grigor Ketenchin

Armenian Club

Thursdays, Monthly. 1:00pm

JH 114


Vahe Khachatryan

Alvard Uzuyan

Astronomy Club

Tuesdays, Weekly. 5:00pm




Michael Hetman

Beta Pi Kappa Club (Honors)

Tuesdays, Bimonthly. 7:00pm

FH 206 & Zoom



Evan Kendall

Black Creator Social Club

Mondays, Weekly. 12:00pm

Library 3rd Fl



Charles Gaylord

Chemistry Club

Mondays, 4:00pm

Sci Tech 306


Tira Sk

Yanwei Cai

Child Development Student Club

Tuesdays, Bimonthly. 2:30pm

CD 220/212


Enrique Genovez

Aykanush Pogosyan & Ripsime Geuvjehizian

Cinema & TV Club

Mondays, Bimonthly. 1:30pm

Cinema Studio B


Jonathan Martinez

Dylan Shields

Circle K Club

Thursdays, Bimonthly. 4:00pm

HH 200


Erick Eivera

Camille Goulet

Comedy Club

Wednesdays, Weekly. 3:00pm

JH 313/311


Ben Jeong

Patricio Maya-Solis

Cyber Security Club

Thursdays, Bimonthly [2nd and 4th]. 1:00pm

FH 206



Mike Yazdanian

Forever Jung Psychology Club

Thursdays, Weekly. 12:45pm

HH 104


Joel Mefford

David Sedghi

Fostering Scholars Club

Thursdays, Weekly. 2:30pm

SSB 3rd Fl Room 360


Maria Rocha

Alvaro Aguila & Mayra Infante

High Risers Club

Wednesdays, Weekly. 1:00pm

HH B-2


Sayra Romero

Mario Escalante


Tuesdays, Weekly. 4:00pm

SSB 2nd Fl DRC 272


Victor Briseno

Camille Goulet

Japanese Club

Thursdays, Weekly. 1:00pm

JH 102


Germian Rodriguez

Grigor Ketenchin

Kerygma Bible Study Club

Thursdays, Weekly. 12:30pm

HH 205 / SU


Jessica Quinto

Richard Lewis

Martial Arts Club

Tuesdays & Thursdays, Weekly. 2:30pm

Kin South - RBS Lounge


Jose Sanchez

Evan Kendall

Pathway to Law Club

Wednesdays, Bimonthly. 5:30pm

HH 200



Camille Goulet

Philosophy Club

Wednesdays, Weekly. 1:00pm




Joseph Pak

Puente Familia Club

Tuesdays & Thursdays, Weekly. 12:00pm

HH 7



Veronica Garcia

Run Club

Fridays, Monthly. 

Hybrid Zoom / LACC Track


Alexy Cordova

Richard Lewis

Spanish Club

Fridays, Bimonthly. 5:00pm

JH 113/116



Ever Garcia

STEM 4 Success Club (S4S)

Tuesdays, Bimonthly. 12:30pm

Sci Tech 106 lab


Catherine Aung

Sean Phommasaysy

Student Power Club

Thursdays, Weekly. 1:00pm

Zoom / SU


Jordan Slack

Sarah Crachiolo-Garcia

Swim Club

Tuesdays, Weekly. 12:00pm

Kin North Pool / Basketball Gym



Thomas Cano

Veterans Club

Mondays, Bimonthly. 2:00pm

VRC - LS 101 


Luis Garcia

Chris Yik 

Video Game Club

Mondays, Weekly. 12:30pm

DH 216 or 201/208


Luis Martinez

Michael Kline


Upcoming Meetings

Finance Committe:
Tuesday | 3:00PM - 4:00PM
Student Union | 2nd Floor Conference Room

Senate Board:
Tuesday | 4:00PM - 5:00PM
Student Union | 2nd Floor Conference Room

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