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Career & Academic Pathways

LACC’s degree and certificate programs are organized into nine Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs) based on interest areas, similarities in coursework, and career pathways. The academic maps under each CAP represent the sequencing and combinations of major and general education coursework recommended by faculty to help you develop your educational plan. Explore our nine CAPs that lead to rewarding careers or preparation for transfer.

If you need assistance with academic counseling, visit our Counseling Center. For assistance with career exploration and planning, visit our Career Center.


Visit Our Pathways!

If you are uncertain of your educational or career goals, our degrees and certificates are organized into Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs) that can help you narrow down your search. 


Make sure to work with an LACC Counselor to confirm your pathway and develop an education plan. View all of our LACC Career and Academic Pathways here.