FYE Spring Courses

FYE Classes for Spring 2024

Students are expected to sign up for classes through their student SIS portal and must be aware when signing up for specific FYE courses required by the program. 

Mandatory Courses

  • English course (required and must be an FYE specific course)
  • Math course (required and must be an FYE specific course)

Additional Coursework

  • General education course. Consider courses such as communications, the arts, humanities, and more
  • Major specific course. These classes relate specifically to your major. Consult with an FYE counselor for recommendations. Check out the LACC catalog in order to get information about each major and which specific classes are needed by clicking this link.
  • Elective course. These are courses that you take to explore and help you archive your 60 units needed for your degree/transfer. These courses could be for another major, future minor, or maybe to help develop skills for the workforce or a kinesiology activity course (1 unit). To read more about all the courses here at LACC, click on this link.
  • Tutoring Courses. FYE courses will have built in options for additional tutoring but if they are not FYE English/math, then you would need to add a tutoring course. In your case, this might be a support math course, support english course,
    • For math tutoring hours, please make sure you sign up for the appropriate FYE Math Course, add MATH 100/202.
    • For English tutoring hours, sign up for English 104 or contact the Writers' Block

REMINDER: FYE students are expected to be FULL TIME (12 units minimum, unless you are part of a special program)

Spring 2024 FYE Classes

Course Name Course Title Units
English 101 College Reading & Composition 1 3 units
English 102 College Reading & Composition 2 3 units
English 103 Composition And Critical Thinking  3 units
Math 227 Statistics 4 units
Math 230 Mathematics For Liberal Arts Students  3 units
Math 261 Calculus 1 5 units
Counseling 20 Post-Secondary Education: The Scope Of Career Planning  3 units
Communications 101  Public Speaking  3 units
Communications 121  Interpersonal Communication  3 units
Psychology 41 Life-Span Psychology: From Infancy To Old Age  3 units
Psychology 001 Introduction to Psychology 3 units
Chicano 008 The Mexican-American In The History Of The United States II 3 units

What Classes are FYE?

Check in with your success Coach during Summer Bridge to get a list of FYE Specific courses that you should sign up for Fall 2021.

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