Student Checklists

Learn How to Become an LACC Student

New Students Start Here!

You will be considered a new student if you have never applied nor attended a school in the Los Angeles Community College district, including Los Angeles City College.

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Continuing Students Checklist

A continuing student is one who attended classes at LACC in one of the two previous semesters.

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Returning Students Checklist

You are considered a returning student if you have been previously enrolled at Los Angeles City College, but had a break of more than two semesters between enrollments at LACC.

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High School Students Checklist

You are considered a high school student if you are over the age of 13 and/or entering 10th grade or above.

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International Students Checklist

An International student is someone applying to Los Angeles City College from outside the U.S., may have never attended college within the U.S., and does not have U.S. citizenship.

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Veteran Students Checklist

You are considered a student veteran if you (or the appropriate family member) served in the U.S. Armed Forces and are eligible to file a benefits claim through an approved federal program.

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Graduating Students Checklist

Students planning to graduate should first make an appointment with an academic counselor.

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