Extended Reality at Los Angeles City College

Pioneers in the World of Extended Reality

Los Angeles City College, through our MetaCity endeavors, is at the forefront of creating and utilizing extended reality technologies for advancing accessible, equitable, high-quality, and innovative teaching and learning.

With the emergence of new extended reality technologies that push the boundaries of how reality is perceived, we are bridging the gap between the virtual and real world. These technologies are engaging; useful for exciting, new, and measurably effective ways of teaching and learning; and yield limitless educational opportunities. We are excited that our faculty, staff, and students are pioneers and leaders in the world of extended reality.

MetaCity @ Los Angeles City College

Faculty Development

The power of creating extended reality (XR) curricula and experiences is placed in the hands of faculty through the XR academy, self-paced orientation, faculty certification and digital badging, live training sessions, virtual courses, peer groups, XR coaches, quality rubrics, and accessibility plans. Skills acquired by faculty are applicable to any discipline and instructional use case.

Student Development

In addition to engaging in XR learning experiences, students can further their XR competencies through a self-paced orientation, the Metaverse Academy (with signature partner eon reality), earning competency-based XR digital badges, and creating XR objects and experiences. These development resources and activities are designed for all learners: from the beginner to those who want to pursue a career in the field of XR.

Metacity Center

State-of-the-art Center that provides equipment, technologies, and support staff for the creation of 3D/360 assets, lessons, and fully immersive virtual environments for teaching and learning.

XR Certification:

Number 47

47 Certified Faculty and Staff

Digital Badges:

Number 324

324 Digital Badges Issued to Faculty and Students


Number 68

68+ Courses with Faculty Created XR Content/Lessons


umber 1000 Plus

1000+ Students Enrolled in Courses Using XR Experiences

Partnership Opportunities

As we rapidly expand our XR creators/users, technologies, activities, and the MetaCity Center we are looking for strategic partners to collaborate, share knowledge with, and mutually engage in endeavors that continue to push the boundaries of extended reality in education.

Interested in partnering with us?

Please contact Marcy Drummond, Vice President for Economic and Social Mobility and Innovation, @email

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