Troubleshooting Issues in Canvas

You may receive a Generic Error Message when logging in to Canvas from the Student Information System (SIS), if you do please follow the checklist below to solve the issue.

1. Double check that you are enrolled in a course with a Canvas component.

Not all classes include Canvas in their curriculum. If your course does not have an online component the Canvas link within SIS will default to a Generic Error page.

2. Contact your Instructor.

If you are registered for a section that is using Canvas, but continue to receive the Generic Error Message, it is possible that you were not yet included in the Canvas shell for that section.

The fastest way to get the problem solved is by contacting your instructor directly and requesting a Canvas invite for the section you are missing. Your instructor's contact information is available from their department website, or through the Campus Directory.

3. Contact Canvas Support

If the issue persists and your instructor is unable to invite you to Canvas directly, please contact Canvas Support by emailing @email from your LACCD email. Please be sure to include your name, Student ID Number, the section number of the class, and a description of the problem.

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