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About the Computer Science and Information Systems Programs

The Computer Science (CS) and Computer Information Systems (CIS) programs provide a solid foundation for students to either transfer to universities for advanced CS and CIS studies or begin a career directly related to the computer science and information systems fields. Students completing one of our programs can expect high-paying employment opportunities in computer programming, software development, database administration, cloud computing, full-stack web development, and other CS and CIS related fields.

Employment Potential

Occupation Entry-Level Education 2019 Median Pay
Computer & IT Occupations Varies $88,240
Computer Network Architects Bachelor’s degree $112,690
Computer Programmers Bachelor’s degree $86,550
Computer Support Specialists Associate’s degree $54,760
Computer Systems Analysts Bachelor’s degree $90,920
Database Administrators Bachelor’s degree $93,750
Information Security Analysts Bachelor’s degree $99,730
Software Developers Bachelor’s degree $105,590
Web Developers Associate’s degree $73,760

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Introducing the New Cloud Computing Program at LACC

Hello. This video is to talk about an exciting new program at LACC, it is connected with Amazon Web Services.

Everybody has heard about Amazon. The retail giant, but how does Amazon survive the huge demands made on cyber monday and Prime Day.

They get millions of customers and consumers all over the world to buy things within a 24 to 48 hour period. How does Amazon not crumble under that kind of load.

Well, that has to do with Amazon Web Services, which is the way IT works in the cloud.

So this special program at LACC was created under the auspices of California cloud workforce. This California cloud workforce is made up of 19 colleges in Southern California.

And other colleges in Northern California. So this is a completely statewide effort. So I want to explain a little bit about what this program involves and why would it be of utmost benefit to you.

So my name is Munir Samplewala I am in charge of the AWS program at LACC

As there were 19 colleges in the consortium Santa Monica was the lead for this project. And I'm also working at SMC and keeping the courses up to date and making modifications to that.

I also do training for the instructors at other colleges and high school teachers.

So what does it involve to get certified and become knowledge about knowledgeable about AWS. So there are four courses introduction to cloud computing

Data basis in AWS compute engines and security. After you take this four courses and couple of additional courses you will be eligible for a state approved certificate of achievement. This certificate will appear on your transcript and will be a very important milestone for you.

How much does it cost to take this thing.

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