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The Journalism discipline's mission is to provide the highest quality education available for both transfer students and students seeking vocational training and an Associate of Arts Degree in Journalism. A foundational education in journalism is at the core of instruction and the majority of students contribute to the decades-old student voice of Los Angeles City College, the Collegian. Students also receive intensive hands-on instruction in digital news gathering techniques. This includes a series of practicum courses that cover instruction and practice in radio, TV news reporting, digital design, magazine publication, short form documentary production, and mobile reporting techniques.

Coursework stresses the development and practice of multiple skills that will enable students to work across various platforms.

Front Page of Collegian Times 2019 Spring

Magazine cover of "Cultured L.A."

Awards and Recognition

We're proud to announce that once again our amazing Journalism students have been awarded the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown Award for Magazines.




Newspaper Production

Marcus Garvey remembered.

Article about Marcus Garvey

Visual and Media Arts

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