Statistical Data Analytics Certificate/Program


What is it?

The Statistical Data Analytics Certificate of Achievement addresses industry’s continuing demands for professionals to test and build tools to make data-driven decisions to solve real-world problems as well as to plan for the future by valuable insights and knowledge from data using statistical techniques to prepare them to enter the professional fields in data science.  


This program not only prepares students to develop predictive models, evaluate the effectiveness of different interventions and strategies, and mitigate risks and anomalies in data, but also equips students with practical skills in data visualization and experience using programming tools such as Python and R. Students will acquire the skills to communicate complex statistical information to a variety of stakeholders effectively, and ultimately, to equip students for success in the data-driven world. 

Potential Careers

Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Healthcare Data Analyst, Statistical Analyst, Research Scientist, Market Research Analyst, Data Consultant, Statistical Software Developer, Data Visualization Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Network Support Specialist, Computer Network Architect, Statistical Assistant, and professional careers in data science fields. 

Courses for Completion (19 units) 

Fall - Year One:

       Math 217 - Fundamentals of Mathematical Programming (4 units) 

       Math 229 - Statistics for Data Science (4 units)

Spring - Year One:

       Math 239 - Applied Data Science (4 units) 

       Math 279 - Linear Algebra for Data Science (4 units) 

       CIS 219 - Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL (3 units)  


For more information, please contact: 

Math Department Office - FH 104

Secretary - Christine Fineberg

323.953.4000 ex. 2810