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Universal Law Classes

Business Law classes (Law 1 and 2) provide students with the fundamental functioning of the legal system, with practical application to contemporary issues. The courses include essential elements of contracts and other civil, legal matters.

Civil Rights Law (Law 3) examines historical and current issues, with a focus on personal liberties and rights.

Street Law (Law 7) is a broad overview of legal issues common to everyday life. The class examines current social justice tensions, and the class provides students with an opportunity to consider all of the different areas of legal work available for their careers.

While other Law Discipline classes are targeted for those preparing for careers as paralegals, many classes have utility for everyday issues, including Marriage and Family Law (Law 18), Bankruptcy (Law 37), Immigration (Law 35), and Wills, Trusts, and Probate Administration (Law 13). Other classes are helpful for specific fields, such as Entertainment Law (Law 33).

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