UC Pathways Transfer Degree

The Los Angeles City College Chemistry Department now offers the UC Transfer Pathway Associate’s Degree! A Chemistry Degree seamlessly transferring you to the University of California system.

Are you a chemistry major?

Do you want to transfer to a University of California campus?

Our UC Transfer Associate of Science in Chemistry degree is the degree for you! By completing the degree, along with a Transfer Admission Guarantee Agreements (TAG)* with one UC campus of your choice and meeting the GPA requirements, you will be guaranteed admission to your chosen UC campus as a chemistry major with junior status.

What you need to do for guaranteed admission:
  • Complete your Transfer Pathway by completing all of the chemistry, physics, and math coursework major requirements

  • Complete a TAG with a UC campus

  • Maintain your GPA so that you meet or exceed the minimum GPA for the UC campus TAG (2.8 to 3.4, depending on the campus)

  • Submit a TAG application by September 30

  • Apply for UC admission by November 30

For more information, please contact the LACC Chemistry Department Chair, or our STEM Counselor.

Further Details about the Degree

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*Important Disclaimer:

You may complete a TAG with only one UC campus! TAGs are available at Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz. UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC San Diego do not offer TAGs.

For more information about TAGs, please go to the UC Transfer Admission Guarantee website, or speak with our STEM Counselor.