SIS Homepage Overview

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Homepage Tiles and Their Functions


Profile Picture Icon
  • Update personal information, contact information, mailing address, and emergency contacts.
  • Find your Student ID
  • Find your Student Email Address

Academic Records

  • View grades
  • View course history
  • Request official and unofficial transcripts
  • Verify enrollment staus
  • Request change to home college

Manage Classes

Manage Classes Icon
  • View current classes and weekly schedule
  • Search for and enroll in classes
  • Drop classes
  • Browse the course catalog
  • View enrollment dates
  • View student education plan


Canvas Icon
  • Launch Canvas

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring Icon
  • Launch NetTutor online tutoring

Student Account

Student Account Icon
  • View current account balance
  • Make a payment
  • View payment history
  • Purchase a parking pass

To-Do's List & Holds

To Do List's & Hold Icon
  • View outstanding holds
  • View remaining matriculation steps and To-Do checklist items

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid Scholarships
  • View your financial aid summary and disbursements
  • View estimated costs of attendance
  • Request an extension of appeal
  • Check current Satisfactory Academic Progress

Student Status

Student Status Icon
  • View your Academic Standing

  • View your Assessment Placement

  • Access Online Orientation

  • View your Matriculation Status


Mail Icon
  • Launch the Student Email client

Key Links & Help

Key Links & Help
  • Links to the campus Bookstore
  • Scholarship information
  • Additional help and FAQ materials for working with the registration system

Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement
  • View current academic progress
  • Submit a petition to graduate
  • View Academic Counseling information at your home college

The Welcome Center

Office Hours and Location

Student Services Building, Room 180


Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext 2455
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Armenian, and Russian.