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Every effort shall be made to resolve the problem informally. No disciplinary action involving disciplinary probation, suspension, suspension of Financial Aid or expulsion shall be taken unless the administrator determines to pursue the matter formally in accordance with board rules.

However, immediate action is required in situations where the student is threatening or physical violence to others or self, or abusing alcohol or other controlled substances. The Sheriff's Office should be immediately notified, at (323) 953-4005. The Disciplinary Administrator and the Deputy will withdraw consent to remain on campus and initiate formal process.

  1. Notify student verbally to discontinue behavior.
  2. If behavior continues, complete and give student Unsatisfactory Notice Form, available from the Department Chair or Student Services Office.
  3. If the Instructor wants a student to be suspended from class for up to two class periods, the Department Chair should be notified and an Unsatisfactory Notice Form completed. The instructor may suspend the student for the day of the incident and the following class session.
  4. The Department Chair must notify the appropriate Dean of Academic Affairs. A copy of the Unsatisfactory Notice Form must be given to the student, Department Chair, Academic Dean and Discipline Dean.
  5. Students may be referred to meet with the Discipline Dean prior to returning to class, if the instructor deems it necessary.
  6. The Discipline Dean initiates suspensions greater than 2 days and expulsions when warranted, with notification to the President.
  7. The President and Board of Trustees must approve all expulsions.
  8. The Vice President of Student Services, along with the Deputy Sheriff, will meet with the student to notify of the nature and length of the suspension or expulsion, provide disciplinary forms, and discuss the hearing processes, as per board rule 5500.

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