The California Dream Act

California Dream Act Application (CADAA)

California Dream Act: Opens state-funded grants, CA promise fee-waiver, state funded programs and scholarships to AB-540 student. Priority Registration October 1st - March 2nd.

AB-540 and CADAA 2020 Regional Training Recording

Workshops for 2021-2022 Applications

Are you an AB-540 student? Want to learn more about the California Dream Act Application (CADAA)? Come join LACC's Dream Resource Center (DRC), in partnership with the Financial Aid Office, to get assistance in completing your CADAA! Register below:

Application Assistance

If you are an AB-540 eligible student who needs assistance with your CA Dream Act please contact our Financial Aid Advisor, Jessica Zaldana, at @email.

Please make sure you use your LACCD email when contacting Jessica.

Office Hours for CA Dream Act Application Assistance

Date: Wednesdays

Time: 2:30PM - 3:30PM

Where: Zoom through the following link:

What: Assistance with CA Dream Act application, March 2nd 2022-2023 deadline for CADAA

CADAA Checklist

CA Dream Act Checklist
*** Information within the California Dream Act Application is not shared with federal databases. Student and parent information is protected by the same privacy and information security laws and safeguards as with all other state financial aid applicants.

California Dream Act Digital Toolkit

California Student Aid Commission (CSAC)

CA Dream Act Application 2022-2023 Paper Application English & Spanish
Resources for CA Dream Act

Immigrants Rising

FAFSA vs. CA Dream Act: Apply to the Correct Financial Aid in CA

  • Understand the differences between the CA financial aid and the federal financial aid applications to figure out which one best fits your situation to maximize your aid.

CA Dream Act and Cal Grant Application Checklists

  • Use these checklists to ensure you successfully apply for the CA Dream Act and Cal Grants! Don’t miss any steps and apply By March 2 to ensure you are considered for maximum financial aid.

For Students Who are Citizens, but Whose Parents Are Undocumented

  • Use this resource to get answers to questions you have about applying for financial aid. All citizens are eligible for federal and state financial aid, regardless of their parents’ immigration status.

Types of CA Financial Aid

  • Learn about the different kinds of financial available to undergraduate and graduate undocumented students at the CCC, CSU, and UC level.

CA Dream Act Map

  • This detailed map outlines the four phases required to successfully complete the CA Dream Act Application and receive all financial aid for which you are eligible.

Undocumented Student Budget Worksheet

  • Use this worksheet to understand the 5 quick steps you should take as an undocumented student to understand opportunities to cover your college costs at any college or university in California.

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