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Scholarships and Fellowships

Los Angeles City College Foundation

The Los Angeles City College Foundation’s Spring 2022 Scholarship Application is now open. Please submit application by Sunday, 03/20/2022.

Immigrants Rising Scholarship and Fellowship List

Scholarships and fellowships are essential for many undocumented students to pay for higher education, especially students who do not qualify for in-state tuition and state-based financial aid. Undocumented students pursuing higher education need to know that scholarships and fellowships are available to them—regardless of their immigration status.

EduMed Scholarship and Resource Guide

EduMed is always looking for ways to promote equal opportunity education and help students achieve their college and career goals. Their latest free resource is a new scholarships and resources guide created specifically for undocumented students!

Their online guide showcases 20 scholarship opportunities (including many in the healthcare field) that can make all the difference in affording college. They have also provided a list of valuable academic and career resources that undocumented students can use to maximize their success during and after college. Here is a link to the entire guide:

Additional Scholarships and Resources

Has compiled a list of scholarships for calendar year 2020-2021. The list is split specifically for high school, college / university, and graduate school students. You may access the live document here.

Is a free national Mobile App and Website that helps undocumented students find scholarships to go to college.

List of Undergraduate Scholarships contains scholarships for undergraduate studies that don’t require proof of citizenship or legal permanent

Scholarships are for highly motivated DREAMers who want nothing more than to get a college education but are unable to afford the cost.

Is to provide up-to-date information and resources to undocumented students. We post scholarship opportunities that are open to undocumented students, strategies for navigating the educational system, information on how to apply for DACA.

Each student receives a scholarship empowering her or him to earn a bachelor's degree and pursue a dream career.

The following scholarships are open to students who are undocumented, DACA-eligible, or hold DACA status. Some of the scholarships are specifically for undocumented students, while others are open to all students, no matter their citizenship.

The AFT 1521 Foundation Scholarship is an award of $1,000 given annually to current Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) students who, in addition to their academic achievement, have demonstrated a serious commitment to advocating the cause of social and economic justice on their campuses and in their communities.

MALDEF provides an extensive list of scholarships, including many that do not inquire about immigration status.

Undocumented students are eligible to qualify for a number of scholarship opportunities in the U.S. regardless of their immigration status.

Dreams Resource Center


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