EOPS Workshops for Fall 2023

EOPS Mentor Sessions

Join our EOPS Interns for a 10-15 minute mentor session. Learn about on-campus resources, priority registration, transfer information, and more!
Mentor sessions will count as one (1) contact credit for the spring term.

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EOPS Mental Health Awareness Event 

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EOPS Spring Kickoff



Discovering your Learning Style: This workshop will help you discover if you are an auditory, kinesthetic, or visual learner. You will learn some study tips related to your specific learning style to help you in becoming a successful student.



Applying to scholarships and Internships - Will show students the Foundation Scholarship and steps to apply, what is an internship and where to find them.



I’ve been accepted, now what? - Will go over SIR, University expectations, Financial aid packages, smooth transition into university. (For students who applied Fall 2021)



Study Skills in an Online Environment

Developing a Success Strategy - Are you looking for ways to be successful this semester or when you transfer? This workshop will give you some ideas on what you can do now to achieve success. Topics will include note taking skills, listening skills, developing a reading strategy, test preparation tips, and personal well-being information    
When am I ready to transfer?- Going over major requirements, transfer requirements, CSUGE/IGETC patterns and going over UC and CSU application website and deadlines  


EOPS Mental Health Awareness Event -
In support of Mental Health Awareness month, we welcome EOPS Students to join us to learn more about the medical & mental health services available for LACC Students at both:
Health & Wellness Center on-campus
Wesley Health Center on Vermont Ave ​Guest speakers will discuss both the mental health and medical services available to LACC students. 



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Mondays to Thursdays: 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Fridays: 8:00AM - 2:00PM
Saturdays to Sundays: Closed

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