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Getting Started

New Student Checklist

Follow the steps outlined below in order (if they apply to you). Only proceed if you are, or have ever been, in the Foster Care system. That is our main requirement!

1. Become an LACC Student

Apply & Register

2. Get Financial Aid

Complete FAFSA

Apply for Chafee Grant
(Check for eligibility before applying to Chafee)

Apply for CA Dream Act
(Only apply for CA Dream Act if DACA, AB540, or Undocumented)

We're here for all current or former Foster Youth!

3. Provide Proof of Foster Care Status

  • This is very important! You will not be able to participate in our program without Proof of Foster Care!
  • If your case was in Los Angeles County:
    • Call the Edmund D. Edelman Children's Court during business hours
    • Dial (323) 807-8098 or (877) 846-1602 and ask for Ward of Court Document
  • If your case was in another county or state contact:
    • Your social worker(s), parents, or guardians, or
    • Your home county Child Services or Children's Court, and
    • Ask for Proof of Foster Care Status (say it's for Financial Aid)

4. Congrats! You now qualify for our program.

Please complete our program's intake form below:

5. Get an Appointment with our Academic Counselor

Learn to use Cranium Cafe
Cranium Cafe is our platform for online counseling. Learn to chat directly with our counselors from your computer at home!

Make an Appointment

  • After pressing the button above, look for Mario Escalante's card, or contact any of our staff to schedule you in.
  • Remember that all our students have 2 mandatory counseling contacts per semester (Fall & Winter).

6. Final Steps!

Register for G.S. Orientation
Orientation is mandatory for all new and returning Guardian Scholars students.

Join NextUp!
Not all students qualify for NextUp, but those who do receive additional benefits. Click the button above to see if you meet eligibility requirements and to learn how to join.

Contact Us


Student Services Building (SSB) 360

SSB 367


Email: @email
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2345

​Alvaro, Aguila
Program Coordinator
SSB 367
Email: @email
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2336