International Students





  1. Complete Application.  Click LANGUAGE ACADEMY APPLICATION 
  2. Submit Application to @email
  3. *Complete Steps 2-5 if you are seeking an F-1 visa and requesting an I-20

Application Fee Cost is $150.00.

Make a Payment: Overseas FLYWIRE.

Make a Payment: Domestic (US) FLYWIRE.



  1. Include a bank letter or financial statement that shows at least $10,950 if you will study for 24 weeks
  2. Attach Copy of Educational Record or History, e.g. Certificate of Achievement, Diploma, etc.
  3. Provide proof of application fee payment to LACC of $150.00.
  4. Submit Application and Supporting to @email

  1. Application will be reviewed by LACC staff once it is received.
  2. If accepted, an acceptance packet that includes your I-20 will be emailed to you.
  3. When you receive your acceptance packet – read everything carefully and communicate with LACC if you have any questions.
  4. Have Questions? Click Zoom Room to speak with a team member, click the cloud icon below, or email @email

  1. An I-20 is needed to pay the SEVIS fee
  2. Included in your acceptance will be instructions on how to pay the SEVIS fee –
  3. Pay the SEVIS fee
  4. After you pay the SEVIS fee, schedule an appointment at the nearest U.S. Consulate Office - you will need the receipt to make an appointment with the United States Embassy

  1. Schedule your visa interview at the local United States Embassy in your home country.
  2. Appointments can be made once SEVIS fees are successfully paid.
  3. Appointments can only be given at the local U.S. Embassy in your home country.
  4. Read Tips on Visa Application before you go to your interview.
  5. Be on time for this appointment!
  6. During your appointment at the Consulate Office, they will review your documents including your financial statement
  7. Once approved, you will receive your F-1 visa in your passport.
  8. Click, Apply for F1 Student Visa to pay for the I901 fee and for visa interview tips.