Cranium Café Information For Faculty

You can set up your schedule on Cranium Café by using the “Calendar & Scheduler Settings” on the navigation bar on the left.

At the top, click the “Scheduler Settings” tab. You can change the default settings for student scheduled meetings - how soon a meeting is scheduled, how far out it is scheduled, and meeting duration. You can also provide default messages to be provided to your students.

For detailed support on how to achieve this, please contact one of our LACC campus Cranium Café liaisons:

In order to set up your email to be on your Cranium Café card, click on the “Customized Card” option in the navigation bar on the left.

You can click on the “Allow offline messages” which will allow students to send emails to you without being online.

You can also check the box that says “Make my email visible to other users on my Conex Ed Card” to also help provide that information to students.

Preview your card before saving and then click “Save” to update your card.

To find your direct ConexEd Card URL, you can go to your “Customize Card” link on the left-hand side and your URL will be on the top-right under “Your ConexEd Card URL.” I

f you have a meeting appointment with the student, that will be directly emailed to the student and will be accessible in your “My Café Appointments.”

When you enter your Café, you can turn the camera/mic off by clicking on the camera/mic icons underneath your photo in the top left. You will know your camera is off when you do not see your reflection on the screen. You will know your mic is off when there isn’t a green box around your image and theclosed caption is not recording your words.

You can also turn off your automatic camera settings by going into your café, selecting “Audio and Webcam Settings” and turning off your camera.

When you click on “Document Library,” you can upload documents that you would like to share with your students. Think about the documents you use often and upload those documents so you can easily give them to students.

When you are in your café, you can upload documents just for that meeting. You can also upload the document before your meeting as well. You can also open that document and complete it together with the student.

When you are in your café and your mic is on, you will automatically have a close captioning option present at the bottom of your café.

You can also turn close captioning on or off by selecting the slider option at the top.

Be mindful that you can have your camera turned off but your mic may still be on so the closed captioning recording will still happen. You can also give privileges to your student or the person you are chatting with to update the closed captioning as well.

You have access to engage with a student, chat, video conference, and work on documents together through the Cranium Café option.

Through the tools such as document upload and creation of a whiteboard, you can connect with students as if you were working with them in person.

You will not be able to turn off a student’s camera, but you can let them know that their camera is on and ask them to turn it off.

They can turn it off by clicking on the camera icon to the top left underneath your photo.

A best practice is clicking on the notepad icon (next to the + sign) which will turn their screen around so their camera is still on but you won’t need to see it fully.

You may be getting multiple chats at once due to a setting that you can manage in your customize card area.

  1. Simply click on the navigation bar on the left and select “Customize Card.”
  2. You will want to check the box that says, “Set status away when in an office meeting.”
  3. Then click “Save.”

If you have chatted with students or other staff members, you can see a report of your interaction by going through the navigation bar on the left and selecting “Archives.”

You can access either your meeting archives or your chat history through this feature and you can also search through any specific timeframe you desire.

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