Welcome to the Noncredit Adult Education Counseling!

We are excited to meet you! We recommend that you meet with a counselor after attending orientation. Students will be able to find information on orientations, workshops, counseling services, and on-campus services. We look forward to meeting with you this semester!


The purpose of orientation is to welcome all students to the campus. Orientations are also designed to provide students with information about the Noncredit Adult Education (NCAE) Department. Students will learn about the various courses and certificates available to them. It will also provide information about on-campus resources and services. 

Spring 2024 Orientation Flyer

Spring 2024 Orientation Flyer
Spring 2024 Orientation Flyer

Orientation Videos

If you are unable to attend an in-person orientation, please review the pre-recorded orientation videos in English, Spanish, or Armenian.

If you are unable to attend an in-person orientation, please review the pre-recorded orientation video in English below:

Orientation in English

Si no puede asistir a una orientación en persona, revise el video de orientación pregrabado en español a continuación:

Orientación en Español

Եթե ​​Դուք չեք կարող անձամբ մասնակցել «Քոլեջի կողմնորոշում» տեղեկատվական հանդիպմանը, խնդրում ենք ստորև դիտել  նախապես ձայնագրված տեսանյութը հայերեն լեզվով: 

Yet’e ​​Duk’ ch’ek’ karogh andzamb masnakts’el «K’voleji koghmnoroshum» teghekatvakan handipmany, khndrum yenk’ storev ditel nakhapes dzaynagrvats tesanyut’y hayeren lezvov:

Если вы не можете присутствовать на информационной встрече «Ориентация в колледж» лично, пожалуйста, посмотрите заранее записанное видео на русском языке ниже.

Yesli vy ne mozhete prisutstvovat' na informatsionnoy vstreche «Oriyentatsiya v kolledzh» lichno, pozhaluysta, posmotrite zaraneye zapisannoye video na russkom yazyke nizhe.


Counselors help students transition to credit through the Adult Dual Enrollment Program or fully transitioning to credit. Students should meet with a counselor to discuss a more in-depth conversation about their goals and opportunities. 

An educational plan is designed to help students know what their educational journey will look like. Counselors develop a plan with life and goals in mind. It projects courses and completion date. It is important to have a plan in place to help you enroll in the correct courses in the following semester.

Certificates are not awarded automatically.

  1. You must meet with a counselor to evaluate your transcripts and submit your certificate petition to the Admissions & Records Office.
  2. Admissions & Records will review, approve, and print out your certificate.
  3. The Noncredit Adult Education Department will receive your certificate.
  4. The student will be notified that they can pick it up. Please bring a form of ID and student ID#.

If you are interested in transitioning to credit courses, please make sure to make an appointment with a noncredit counselor before beginning the process towards credit. Here are the steps to follow when preparing to transition into credit:

  1. Meet with a Noncredit Counselor
  2. Complete a Credit Application
  3. Take the Credit ESL Placement (if applicable)
  4. Complete the FAFSA or CADA Application
  5. Meet with a Credit Counselor
  6. Enroll in classes.

Our department is grateful to meet so many students from around the world. Some may have completed studies in their home country and often wonder if their education is valid in the United States or if they can continue with their higher educational learning.

In these situations, we refer students to state approved agencies that are dedicated to reviewing your foreign degrees. If your foreign degrees are in a language other than English, they need to be translated and then evaluated. You will need to check the agency approved website for their process and fees.


Adult Dual Enrollment (SB 554)

Adult Dual Enrollment (ADE) allows a student who is completing their high school diploma or equivalent to concurrently enroll into credit classes. The eligibility is:

  • Enrolled in a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Enrolled in our GED preparation courses.
  • Enroll up to 11 units in credit courses.


Students must complete the following ADE process:

  1. Complete a credit application
  2. Attend a mandatory ADE workshop
  3. Identify a major before meeting with a noncredit counselor
  4. Meet with a noncredit counselor to determine eligibility for ADE
  5. If eligible, the noncredit counselor and student will develop an educational plan
  6. Complete the ADE Form with a counselor and submit to Admissions & Records
  7. Sign the ADE Contract
  8. Once Admissions & Records approves, enroll into GED/HSE course and approved credit courses

To check the status on your form, please visit the Dynamic Form site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We will place the most commonly asked noncredit counseling questions

Noncredit courses are FREE, repeatable, grades consist of Pass, Satisfactory Pass, and No pass. Credit courses require tuition, have deadlines to add or drop classes, most courses are transferable, grades consist of (A,B,C,D,F,NP, P, W) nonrepeatable, if you passed the course.

Counselors can help you develop an individualized educational plan, assist you with Noncredit pathways, petition for certificate completion, refer to foreign transcript evaluation agencies, guide you in the transition to credit, and provide resources and referrals.

We recommend you meet with a counselor to complete a 5 min oral screening to determine a recommended course level. You may schedule an appointment at the Noncredit Front Desk or via Cranium Cafe.

Make a Counseling Appointment

An Educational Plan is a plan that you develop with a counselor, that is based on your individual academic, career, and personal goals. This plan serves as a guide on which courses to select each semester, helps you stay on track, and can lead to obtaining NC certificates.

To obtain a certificate, you must complete ALL required courses with a “Pass” grade. To petition your certificate, you must schedule an appointment with a Noncredit Counselor at the Noncredit Office Front Desk.

Make a Counseling Appointment

NC has an Adult Learning Center located in our office building that provides tutoring support for ESL, GED, Computer courses, and more. Support is also offered to help students navigate Canvas and student portals.

Noncredit Learning Center Spring 2024 Flyer

Noncredit Counseling Team

The noncredit counseling team is here to support you in your goals. Please schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor every semester. You can make an in-person, zoom, or phone appointment in our EWD Building. You can also schedule a phone or zoom appointment through Cranium Cafe.

Make a Counseling Appointment

Raquel Michel-Jackson - Counselor
Sandra Pena, Counselor
Marine Balayan, Adjunct Counselor
Juan Guerra, Adjunct Counselor

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