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The following is a descriptive list of the jobs, contributions, and achievements of students, both past and present, of the LACC Cinema program. E-mail Jen Vaughn if you have news for us to post here. Some recent activities.

Recent Activities 2020 - 2022

has recently been featured as an actor inThe Squid Games as the facet-masked "Frontman" and also in Red Notice

died on January 24th, 2021, of COVID 19. After LACC he was a DJ and party promoter in the early days of rap. Gregory went on to UCLA where he co-wrote and produced three student films. He worked as an assistant director on many music videos. His screenplay Caviar won the best screenplay award at the 2006 Hollywood Black Film Festival. His greatest achievement was his massive 2010 documentary 41st and Central: The Untold Story of the L.A. Black Panthers, for which he interviewed several of the L.A. Panthers. In May 2009 he showed the rough cut of the first half in one session of Tom Stempel’s History of Documentary Class, and Tom says it was one of the few former or current student made films he had no suggestions or corrections to make. Jan Perry, an L.A. City Councilwoman, said the film was “a thought-provoking look at the events that shaped our community.”

spent the pandemic year doing voiceover work for, among others, Nancy Drew, Great Pretender, and Scissor Seven. She plays Yuriko in Ghost of Tsushima video game.

voiced the grandmother in the 2020 animated feature Over the Moon, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in early 2021. Unfortunately it did not win.

spent most of 2020 working on political campaigns. She made a campaign commercial for Angelica Duenas for Congress. Duenas was beaten by a candidate who had a lot more money Jean went from LACC to USC and there she formed Major Malfunction Productions with partner Sarah French. They make videos and short films, as well as commercials. You can check out their website here: Home | Major Malfunction (

Recent Activities 2019 - 2020

was elected President of the American Cinema Editors (A.C.E.) in December 2020. Congratulations Kevin, it couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow.

whom some of you may remember was a student in the department in the mid-nineties, in between appearing in such films as Heat with De Niro and Pacino, has fought the law…and won. In April 2017 she came out of her house and discovered her car has been towed, as had been several of her neighbors’. The Bureau of Street Services is supposed to put up signs 24 hours before they do work on the street. In this case they had not. Kai, being a free-lance actor and filmmaker, had a flexible enough schedule to go to court twice and administrative hearings nine times over two years. Eventually she got her money back, and it led to changes in the Bureau’s policies about such signs. You can read more about the details in the two articles in the Los Angeles Times about the case here (April 26, 2019) and here (May 2, 2019) Is there a remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in the works?

bounces back and forth between theatrical films and television. In the fall of 2019 she became the Executive Producer and occasional director of the new series The Morning Report. If you cannot find it on your cable system, it is because it is the introductory show of the new streaming service Apple TV+ Check your Apple phone.

is the voice of the Snake Master in the English-language version of the animated Japanese film White Snake. Sure, you could watch the original Japanese version with English subtitles, but do you really want to miss Karen as the Snake Master? If you want to see her on screen, but not speaking English, find her scene in the November 21, 2019 episode ofMom(I can’t resist giving you the episode title, “Chicken Hands and Toxic Narcissism”). She plays her whole scene in Chinese. And Karen joined her friends in the additional voices world doing, well, an additional voice in a low-budget film you may never have heard of, Star Wars: Episode IX---The Rise of Skywalker.

retired a few years back after several decades as a projectionist at the Laemmle Theatres. He started amusing himself and his friends by having musical concerts in his back yard featuring music by great Hollywood composers. After a few years, the concerts grew too large for his backyard. The last two, the first with the music of Ennio Morricone and the second with the music of Elmer Bernstein, were held in the Wells Fargo Theatre at the Autry Museum of the West. The Bernstein concert was held in late January 2020 and sold out its two performances in the 200-seat theatre. There was a nine-piece orchestra, more than enough to give full body to both his epic scores for The Ten Commandments and his smaller scores, like that for To Kill a Mockingbird. There were two soloist singers, Maegan McConnell and Robert Yacko, and a 7 member chorus. The M.C. was Bruce Kimmel, who kept things lively and led the audience in a hum-along to the evening’s final piece, The Magnificent Seven. Keep an eye out for any future shows.

memoirs A Watercolor Dream: the Many Lives of Irene Tsu was published in 2020 by Bearmanormedia. Tom Stempel, who started Irene thinking about writing the book, lo, these many years ago, is not only mentioned in the book, but read the manuscript while Irene was working on it. He says it is wonderfully entertaining, and not just if you are an Asian-American actress. Among the people who appear in it are John Ford, John Wayne, Buster Keaton, Elvis, Toshiro Mifune, and Frank Sinatra. You have to read about the wedding present Sinatra gave her.

won rave reviews for his performance in the Fountain Theatre production of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Stephen Adly Guirgis’s Between Riverside and Crazy. The play’s run was extended beyond its originally scheduled run.

Recent Activities 2016 - 2018

after spending some time back in television with The Leftovers (see below), has a new theatrical feature out coming out in late 2018. It is On the Basis of Sex, the story of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her struggles for women’s rights. It couldn’t come out at a better time. (And, no, it’s not the documentary on RBG that came out earlier in the year.)

directed the film Alpha, which was scheduled for release in 2017 then eventually pushed back to mid-2018. It’s set in the Ice Age and about a boy who makes friends with a wolf, who helps the boy get back to his home. You can’t say Albert does not make a great variety of films. Look at his IMDb page here if you don’t believe me.

recently wrote in to update his adventures: “I graduated from LACC in 2014 with my AA in cinema production. From there, I transferred to San Francisco State University and earned my BA and MA degrees in Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts (Jen Vaughn's alma mater). I am on the teaching track now as SF State has hired me as a lecturer/instructor for their television production courses as well as introduction to electronic communication. Recently, a song that I co-wrote and produced back in my audio production days is featured in the new motion picture Ocean's 8. SF State wrote an article about me for their website and I thought you might be interested.” You can read the article here.

in addition to regular acting roles in such TV shows as Animal Kingdom, Hawaii 5-0, Criminal Minds, and SMILF, has been doing a lot of looping work in such films as Incredibles 2, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Deadpool, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rumor has it that her specialty is screaming.

does a column on promoting stage and film productions in the Los Angeles area, with coverage of film festivals.

has been hanging out with the swells. On July 7, 2017, she helped Ringo Starr celebrate his 77th birthday. She did not just party, but sang Ringo’s “Walk With You,” backed by Van Dyke Parks on accordion, superstar session drummer Jim Keltner, bassist-record executive Don Was, and keyboardist Mike Bearden.

was selected for the class of 2017 inductees into membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He is part of the Actors Branch. His credits include Charles Burnett’s classic Killer of Sheep, Bull Durham, and Selma. See all his other credits at IMDb.

2015 - 2016 News

have become members of the class of 2016 of inductees into membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, all of them in the Directors Branch.

television show The Leftovers won one of the George Peabody Awards in 2015. Mimi is both an executive producer and occasional director on the series. The Peabody Award “recognizes distinguished and meritorious public service by American radio and television,” according to Wikipedia.

are both mentioned in Women Screenwriters: An International Guide, which was published in 2015. Karen is in post production on her new film The Keeping Hours. Maggie’s new film Sophie and the Rising Sun played the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. In addition to filmmaking Maggie is teaching film at Sarah Lawrence where, in the small world department, one of her students recently was Rebecca Kuntz, the daughter of Jonathan Kuntz.

has begun writing her memoirs. As an actress she worked with James Stewart, John Ford, Buster Keaton, John Wayne, and many more.

is the owner of Defiant Pictures, a production and distribution company. One of his most recent films is Wild Oats (2016), which stars Demi Moore, Jessica Lange, and Shirley MacLaine. He specializes in European and Latin American financing. You can read more about him and his work at

when last heard from, was working on and pitching a pilot. No details yet available.

died in March 2016. He was an outstanding LACC film student in the early 1990s. Everyone who has ever seen it remembers his advanced production film The La Brea Woman. In the 21st century he began a long adjunct career teaching both beginning and advanced post production courses in the LACC Cinema/TV Department. He worked professionally in these areas as well.

(students and faculty will remember her as Sharon Grossman) celebrated a birthday in the spring. We are not allowed to say which one. After LACC in the seventies, she worked in an editorial house, which she did not like, and later got into still photography, doing head shots for actors. She later got into doing producing radio programs.

Sharon’s husband for many years, was also involved in still photography, then later technological implementations for major corporations and studios.

was at Sharon’s birthday party. He was Tom Stempel’s student projectionist for Cinema 4 back in the seventies. After LACC he was the CTO for Pasadena Unified and has won many grants to bring technology into the K-12 education circles. He has retired but still writes for his company Inventive Thinkers; the books promote STEM education through curriculum programs he develops in his books.

was also at the party. After LACC he worked for the editorial house The Film Place. Donny worked with his brother in film production, and later did still photography.

has turned his scripts for The Griffin into his producer (see below) and is now getting the money together to shoot his next film as writer and director. It’s another police thriller.

2014 - 2015

is now developing a television series in Brazil called The Griffin, based on the life of one of the policemen he met when he made Federal. He also recently recalled some experiences he had when he was at LACC in the early nineties:

received great reviews for his one-man show on Charlie “Bird” Parker in August. Written by Willard Manus, Bird Lives! ran at the Chromolume Theatre in Los Angeles.

Academy Award winning cinematographer, photographed two films set in Los Angeles it 2014, Inherent Vice and Nightcrawler, and made them look totally different. He told the Los Angeles Times how he did it, which you can read here.

reports her debut novel REMEDY FOR A BROKEN ANGEL was published in 2014 by Nortia Press and was nominated for a 2015 NAACP Image Award. It is also a finalist for Forward Reviews IndieFAB Award for multicultural fiction.

2013 - 2014

has been rather busy. He was in London in 2012 for the Olympics as representative of the Gay Games. You can see his video about this work on YouTube. In 2013 he was involved in trying to get the HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act passed by Congress. It allows for organ transplants between people who are HIV positive. The video he made helped convince Republicans to support the Act. You can see that video also on YouTube. The Act passed Congress and was signed by President Obama on November 21, 2013. Given his activism on the issue, Shamey was invited to the White House for the signing. He is standing to the far right of the President in the photo on the White House website.

who was a student from 1975 to 1977 has been writing, producing, and directing everything from features to videos to TV. You can see his company's website at LoganWolf Entertainment. His IMDB listing.

2012 - 2013

co-produced the critically acclaimed independent feature Short Term 12.

and some of his photographs show up in the 2010 book typed live, excuse errors by MLO Hart. It is a collection of transcripts from the 1990s online discussion group Fine Art Board, as well as articles and other materials about the FAB. Bob's screen name in the transcripts is GraphixGod, which seems perfectly appropriate.

2011 - 2012

was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Film Editing for The Descendants.

has recently completed his Brazilian military trilogy with a documentary on the Brazilian Navy.

went on to UCLA from LACC, where she received a PhD in Film. Her dissertation was The Shadow of the Object: Mourning and Melancholia in Autobiographical Film and Video about the Holocaust. She is now a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Burbank, CA. In her practice she uses her film background to help patients. Her website is

band The Lazy Stalkers finished their album in January.

who was a student the first years of the Cinema program is now Vice President of Engineering at the Local Media Group of Meredith Corporation in Las Vegas. From October 2011 to October 2012 he was selected to be the Vice President for The Society of Broadcast Engineers

published her first young adult novel, Marney and Me in November. You can read about it at and also about Aleisha at her website.

a former TV 25 student, made the quarterfinals of the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship screenplay competition with his Queen of Angeles screenplay, which he started in TV 25.

was the subject of a story in the Los Angeles Times in June 2012 on his acting in many of the plays of the great August Wilson. Montae appeared in all but one of them. Montae's IMdb .

semi-retired, as she put it, when Filmation Studios, where she worked for 22 years, closed own. She has written a "sci-fi fantasy book for kids of all ages" called A Streetcar to Andromeda,a nd you can read all about it at her website.

received her BA from USC in May 2012.

2010 - 2011

has gotten into film production design and has designed several films, including Life Happens, which was released in 2011. You can check out her credits at IMDB.

reports that in 2008 she wrote the feature film Step Up 2: The Streets.

is now the owner of the legendary Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Hollywood. It is the premier bookstore for film books and has been in business since 1938. It is at 6644 Hollywood Boulevard, just a couple of blocks east of Hollywood and Highland. Jeff also runs author screenings, usually in connection with the American Cinematheque. You can check the store out at Larry Edmunds Bookshop.

picked up a Silver Telly Award for Fortress of Wisdom, his fall 2010 Cinema 2 documentary on the LA Central Library.

feature Federal was the highest grossing independently released feature in Brazil in 2010. In early 2011 he helped the Brazilian publisher of Tom Stempel’s last book Understanding Screenwriting with the Portuguese translation to make sure it contained Tom’s voice. And at least one of the lines in the book turns out to be funnier in Portuguese than in English. Eric also helped sell the book by mentioning it when he was out promoting the DVD and Blue-Ray release of Federal.

was involved from 2000 - 2005 with his own Public Access Show Lloyd's Perspective, and produced a multitude of various television and video projects. From 2006 to the present, he has been involved with theater productions, which he found very rewarding, successful, and gratifying. He is a L.A Weekly & NAACP Theatre Award Winner. He also served as the Technical Producer for 20Th (2010) & 19Th (2009) NAACP Theatre Awards Programs, held at the Directors Guild of America. He is also involved with various mentoring programs.

is now Vice President of the Alex Film Society in Glendale, which puts on all kinds of interesting screenings.

World War II student short, Rhine Maidens, which was filmed in Professor Varner's class, was accepted into the Jay Sanders Film Festival and it screened at the International Student Film Festival Hollywood in October.

has been working as a freelance producer/director/editor for the past 2 years and has approximately 53 commercials to his credit for both regional and national television. He tells us “I have hired Charles Haine (who teaches Cinema 7 at LACC) to serve as DP on 10 of the spots. I primarily work with ieproduction and UNIVISION on a list of commercial campaigns that include: Carl's Jr., Master Card, Verizon Wireless, Got Milk, Colgate, Pizza Hut, and Ford.”

reports that in November 2010, the New York Times broke the news what everybody else in the civilized world has known for years: beneath Steve’s good looks and gentlemanly airs, he is also the notorious Billy the Mime, noted for such pieces as The Priest and the Altar Boy, Anna Nichol: A Life, Dinner With Jeffrey Dahmer, and his new one Arnold and the Maid.

music documentary Good Ear premiered at the Kansas City Film Festival in their CinemaJAZZ section. The film is about local LA promoter Rocco Somazzi and his inaugural Angel City Jazz Festival, which took place in September of 2008 at Barnsdall Park in Los Feliz, and has grown every year since.

whose feature documentary My McDiet some students may remember from Cinema Four, is at work on a feature documentary about the country music business in Nashville.

was one of a number of Broadway stars who entertained the President and the First Lady at the White House in a celebration of Broadway. She sang “Gonna Make Me a Law” from the show Caroline, or Change, for which she was nominated for a Tony. The show was broadcast in October on PBS.

2009 - 2010

has written a book about her years as an Oscar-nominated and Grammy-winning film and music video producer. You’re going to love the title: Video Slut: How I Shoved Madonna Off an Olympic High Dive, Got Prince into a Pair of Tiny Purple Woolen Underpants, Ran Away From Michael Jackson’s Dad…So I Could Bring Rock Videos to the Masses. How can you resist that?

is the primary film editor on the new FX series Justified.

reports that in 2008 she wrote the feature filmStep Up 2: The Streets.

catches us up to date: “I dropped out of LACC ('71?) because of what turned out to be cancer and I went back to Maine ostensibly to Die but the Man upstairs had other plans for me. After two years in and out of the Hospital enduring Five Major Operations and dozens of procedures to save my life, I restarted my Life in a small community theater in Ellsworth, Maine. Of all things I started a film program and was the Booker, Projectionist, Ticket Taker and Janitor. Thanks to [what I learned at LACC] I was able to pick successful films and with the second round of programming I picked a personal favorite Mon Uncle by Jacques Tati. Two people showed up, myself to project the Film and Noel Paul Stookey, of Peter, Paul and Mary. He had just moved to Maine with his Family and it was his favorite film as well! We became friends and that fall we started a Media Company called Neworld Media. We produced Noel's (Paul) Solo Album's and other Artists (David Mallett, Paul Winter Consort, etc.) and an Animation Company with the help of Doug Trumbull (2001, Brainstorm), I went from there to producing concerts and tours ('80/'81) for Dan Fogelberg, Peter, Paul & Mary and Johnny Cash. But in 1982, I knew that I had to come back to Los Angeles to fulfill my Dream to Produce Films. Since then I have be involved I almost every aspect of Film Production, except Producing: Post Production, Studio Management and Content Acquisition. In the last 7 years I have represented independent filmmakers in securing Financing, Distribution and Production Consulting.

is currently working as a consultant and Independent Business Developer with a South Asian film company.

is the District Video Producer for UPS (United Parcel Service) in Southern California, overseeing all District internal corporate video production.

has a whole pile of credits as producer, director, and /or editor. Check his profile on IMDB.

produced and directed the documentary My Nappy Roots.

first feature Dreamkiller played for several weeks at the Beverly Center Cineplex.

is still working on getting a release for his first fiction feature film Federal. In the meanwhile he is making a documentary about the Brazilian Navy in World War II as a companion piece to Senta a Pua, his excellent film about the Brazilian Air Force.

a current student, made a video of LACC Cinema students protesting budget cuts that ran on Youtube.

URL is He was honored in 2009 to be the Chairman of the National Association of Broadcaster's 2009 Broadcast Engineering Conference Committee. This is the committee that selects the technical papers for the NAB engineering conference held in April at Las Vegas.

2008 - 2009

is now president and CEO of Hollywood Wizard. His company is currently producing a feature film. The website is

Cinema 15 film Repetitive Strain ran at the Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival in August.

first full length professional credit as both a Sound Designer and Foley Artist is The New Twenty. You can check the trailer out online at

short film Hungry, which he wrote and directed was selected to screen at the Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival ( August 7-9 in Houston, Texas.

film Fistful of Love was an Official Selection to this year's 10th Annual Best Fest America Student Film Festival

is finishing up her first feature in several years, Thick as Thieves, starring Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas. Her next film as both producer and director will be Remember Their Names. The film will be an adaptation by Mimi's brother Reuben of Jim Longhi's book Woody, Cisco & Me, which is about Longhi's experiences serving in the Merchant Marine with Woody Guthrie. Oh, that Woody.

are revisiting the settings and themes of their 1999 documentary American Pimp with Gentlemen of Leisure, a drama series project for HBO.

in between their duties as, respectively, a projectionist for UCLA and a high school teacher, have created their own blog. It is From Cult to Classic. You can go to it and from there get to their lively and entertaining podcasts, in which they include short reviews, general discussions, and a feature called “The Islander,” in which a guest will discuss the movies he or she would take with him or her to a desert island.

who was a student in the first years the building opened, is now a film editor and director of music videos. He is currently directing a documentary entitled 41st and Central: the Untold Story of the Los Angeles Black Panthers. On May 27th he screened the two-hour Part I, “High Potential” for Tom Stempel’s History of Documentary Film class. It is a stunning film and those who saw it are looking forward to Part II.

a current student, co-created and produced the reality show Las Modelos for KNLA, Channel 27.

film work is on Youtube.

short entitled Fistful of Love took second place at Jay Sanders Film Festival! (College competition). Check it out at Jay Sanders Film Festival.

won an Emmy for his cinematography for the 2007 Rose Parade.

a current student, entered his films in a bunch of festivals. Hungry was in the Best Silent Film, Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival in Houston, Texas; an Official Selection, Utopia Film Festival in Greenbelt, Maryland; an Official Selection, Non Violence International Film Festival in Ontario, Canada; an Official Selection, Frederick Film Festival in Frederick, Maryland; won an Honorable Mention, BestFest America Student Film Festival in San Diego, CA; and won an Honorable Mention, Annual Student Film and Video Festival in San Marcos, CA. The Smelly Janitor copped 3rd Place, Short Film Category, Annual Student Film and Video Festival in San Marcos, CA; and was an Official Selection, Frederick Film Festival in Frederick, Maryland.

(“Sarge” to those who knew him here) got married in May 2008 and had a baby girl, Linnea Hepburn Ward, in May 2009. No the Hepburn is not for Kate or Audrey, but a family name.

Cinema 15 short My Mother's Keeper ran on the Black Entertainment Television (BET) program Lens on Talent. She is currently working on a feature documentary Black Magic: A History of African-American Magicians

is now working for a company called Genius in Motion which is collecting interviews and material about minorities in film. The interviews go up on the group’s website. Lupe interviewed Tom Stempel to provide some historical perspective.

guest starred in the “Split Ends” episode of The Closer on September lst.

2007 - 2008

who was a student in the very early days of the program, won the Academy Award for Cinematography this year for his work on There Will Be Blood. His more recent credits include em>Michael Clayton, Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck, Heist, Magnolia, Tomorrow Never Dies, Boogie Nights, and The River Wild. Credits.

35mm short film, made in the advanced production course, This Solace Eternal won a Panavision New Filmmaker 35mm Grant from Eastman Kodak. At the 30th Asian American International Film Festival in New York City in July 2007, the film was a nominee for Excellence In Short Filmmaking Award. It also was shown at New York Korean Film Festival in August 2007, the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival in September 2007, the San Diego Asian Film Festival in October 2007, the NewFilmmakers screenings in Los Angeles in October 2007, the Film Independent Cinema Lounge in Los Angeles in January 2008, the Reel Women International Film Festival in Los Angeles in March 2008, the Women's International Film Festival in South Florida in April 2008, and the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in May 2008.

recently won a Remi Award for her short film Las Perdidas (The Lost Ones) at the WorldFest Houston Film Festival.

was honored in 2008 at the Action on Film Festival with the world premiere of his film.

film Store was named "Best Documentary" by the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival in February of 2007.

was a finalist at the 2007 SoCal Independent Movie Festival in their short script category for Red Flag, a script he wrote as a student.

has gone back to Switzerland in 2000 and his now Technical Director of the Sports Department of Swiss Television. He worked the Americas Cup in Valencia, Spain, and is going to cover the Beijing Olympics in 2008

is producing and directing the reality show Las Morales for KNLA, Channel 27.

won the Original TV Pilot award in the Organization of Black Screenwriters' recent competition.

student film A Woman in WWII was chosen as one of the final 15 entrants in the First Annual Community College Film Festival in 2007, and a copy was requested by the 250,000 member Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation for placement in their permanent archive.

has written and directed for an episodic online comedy series called The Great L.A. Pretenders. The series is about Hollywood wannabes. The first six episodes will be available at

shows up in Enchanted (she's the wife of the couple getting a divorce) and appeared in a play in Los Angeles called As Much As You Can, which was written with her in mind. Profile

new book on her experiences with Mother Teresa, What Mother Teresa Taught Me, was published in 2007 by St. Anthony Messenger Press.

started a new job November 19th as producer and director of television commercials of Liberman Broadcast Media.

is one of the founders of the South Bay Film Festival in Torrance. The first one was held in November.

new feature The Hood Has Eyez played at the Big Bear Horror Festival in November. It is available now on DVD. Profile

both current students, are finalists in the ConocoPhillips My 76 Video Scholarship Contest. Cami has two films entered, Life is Always Happening and Life Happens Every Day. Kristine's entry is 76 for a New Generation. Her film has subsequently played on television.

was signed by the Endeavor agency as a result of his first feature, the 85-minute, single-take film PVC-1, which was the hit of the Director's Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2007.

just recently shot a music video for Amanda Dumas and a commercial for Puma shoe company. The music video and commercial can be seen on the Sony Crackle web page and MTV.

who was a student in the seventies, has been a sound effects editor and sound designer on a whole pile of films, most recently Bourne Ultimatum, American Gangster, and Things We Lost in the Fire. Profile

Cinema 2 film Bird Dog played at the Valley Film Festival.

has moved up, or down, depending on how you look at it, from being a cinematographer to being a producer. He has been the producer of two nighttime soaps on My Network TV, American Heiress and Watch Over Me. Profile

is one of the producers of the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm. He was a student at LACC in the early seventies and later became a production coordinator for Dick Clark and his assorted shows. He also has directing credits on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. Profile

and her band Rilo Kiley have a new CD out, Under the Backlight. Jenny and the group were the subject of a long piece in the Los Angeles Times in August.

cut the new feature with Richard Gere The Hunting Party. Carole Kravetz Profile

short film I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich played at the Broad Humor Film Festival in Venice, California in August. Profile

short film John played at the Los Angeles Short Festival in September.

editing of the new National Geographic theatrical documentary Arctic Tale was particularly praised in the Variety review of the film. Profile

is writing and directing the feature film Chasing Tchaikovsky. Greg Lalazarian's Profile

student film A Woman in WWII was chosen as one of the final 15 entrants in the First Annual Community College Film Festival in 2007, and a copy was requested by the 250,000 member Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation for placement in their permanent archive.

film Store was named "Best Documentary" by the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival in February of 2007.

2006 - 2007

and his brother Allen have been signed to direct The Book of Eli, a postapocalyptic western for producer Joel Silver and Warner Brothers. More information

LACC film 208 has been chosen as the DVD to launch the Horror Cinema Club in the United Kingdom.

short film Faceless was shown in the Damah Film Festival in May.

two of our current students, are Finalists in the Economic and Workforce Development Media Arts Competition (sponsored by the California Community Colleges). Robert's film is Trigger and Ikuo's is Bite of the Dead.

was the editor of Caroline Crossing and Two Nights, two AFI Thesis films that were shown in March at the AFI Festival at the Archlight Theatre.

new book Garden of Hope: Autobiography of a Marriage was published in 2006.

directed the animated feature Disaster! After a theatrical run, it came out on DVD in February. More Information

was the producer, NICK LIGONIS the director, DON CUNINGHAM the DP, SHIN KITANI a gaffer, and ERIC ESTRADA worked camera on the short feature Big Slick, premiering in February.

worked as gaffer on the Al Pacino film Salomaybe.

has turned author. Her new book, Hard Luck and Trouble: A Landlord's Tale was published in February. It is the third book in her Landlord's Tale series. The first one, A Landlord's Tale, is under option by Laurence Fishburne's Gypsy Cinema Productions (Laurence also attended the LACC Cinema-TV Department). The second is Down and Dirty: A Landlord's Tale. You can learn more at her website

second feature The Dead Girl played at the AFI Fest in November and opens in theatres December 29th. The film was already been nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards, including Best Director. Karen's all-star cast includes Toni Collette, Brittany Murphy, James Franco, Marcia Gay Harden, Giovanni Ribisi, Mary Beth Hurt, Mary Steenburgen, and of course the co-star of Carrie, Piper Laurie.

feature film I'll Be There with You has been in a number of festivals including the FAIF International Film Festival, Beverly Hills Fine Arts Theatre Industry Showcase and Outstanding Director Debut Award at LA Indies

directed two music videos for Ladybug Mecca that were released in May 2006. Profile

directed a feature Seasons of Life that is now available on DVD through major retailers everywhere. Kristian has produced over 200 commercial videos since he left LACC. Revelation Pictures

very hip M BAR and Restaurant is a well-known L.A. hangout featuring great Italian food.. Comedy every night at 8:00 p.m. and short film shows are a regular event.

directed a 35mm public service announcement for Women in Film for the California Black Women's Health Project. Anne also works for Disney.

of Bandit Films been very active in the production of music videos for some time now. Profile

He's been promoting independent film. He writes and speaks on independent filmmaking outside the studio system. Profile

a student in 1998-2000, recently produced a feature film, Seasons of Life, which is available from Blockbuster, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

short film The Exchange" was selected to be shown in the Hermosa Shorts Film Festival in August 2006.

had their films shown in the 2006 Los Angeles International Film Festival.

is continuing direct and shoot numerous music videos along with other projects. Profile

had his supernatural thriller short John in the Westwood International Student Film Festival in October. Vito's Trailers

documentary short Service was in the Westwood International Film Festival in October 2006.

a current student, had her short film September 30, 1955 in the International Student Film Festival Hollywood in November.

feature Cautiva was released in the United States in the fall.

directed the October 20th episode of the new TV series Men in Trees.

got a "Cheers" from TV Guide in October for playing a "lowlife mixed up in the murder of a suburban family" in Close to Home and followed that with a reprisal of his role of lawyer Paul Robinette in Law & Order. Of course, there are those who might consider lawyers "lowlifes mixed up in murder," but hey…

directed a stage production in Los Angeles of Arthur Miller's play Broken Glass. The Los Angeles Times called it "ably directed."

cut the pilot episode of the NBC TV series Kidnapped. and the short shown at Washington's Mt. Vernon home We Fight to Be Free

feature, Curse of La Llorona is now available on DVD from

have formed a DVD releasing company. They are specializing in the films of Luis Bunuel. They have already released Un Chien Andalou and are preparing to release Bunuel's classic 1933 surrealist documentary Las Hurdes. The latter will have a commentary track by, ahem, Tom Stempel.

2005 - 2006

produced and directed the feature Hoodrats , which is now available from Maverick on DVD. Hoodrats

1986 short interview film A Conversation with Jean-Michel Basquiat ran at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art as part of a retrospective show of the late artist's work. In August the Los Angeles Times had a story on the film and Tamra's friendship with Basquiat. Here's a blurb from the Tornonto International Film Festival.

wrote the song I Never, which she and her band Rilo Kiley sing on the sound track of the film Must Love DogsMust Love Dogs

has been very busy on the Board of American Federation of Television and Radio Arts (AFTRA) and for three years has served as the EEOC AFTRA Chair. She's appeared in several films including Homeland Security (NBC/Paramount) and recently The District. She's finishing up her BA at CSUN in Film Production.

is directing a short film This Solace Eternal which can be seen at

is working on the film What Love Is. Another alum, JOY CZERWONKY, is the Line Producer. What Love Is.

is now the Production Manager for a 10-part, ½ hour series The Freedom Files for Brave New Films for LinkTV. Profile

appears briefly in the comedy documentary The Aristocrats. That's where hanging out with Penn Jillette will lead you to. Profile

was interviewed on NPR about the Novela writing program he is participating in.

film One For the Road was a finalist in a number of film festivals including LA Short Film Festival, Hollywood International Short Film Festival, Alameda Film Festival and others.

feature documentary Pick Up the Mic (mic as in microphone) played in September at the Toronto Film Festival. It is about the world of queer hip-hop artists. Alex shot 300 hours of footage, which after a year and a half of editing he eventually cut down to 95 minutes. He says, "I used everything I've learned from my time at LACC during the process." Pick Up the Mic and review

had his short film 208 shown at the Long Beach International Film Festival.

2004 - 2005

is currently the co-producer of the animated TV series Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius on Nickelodeon. He was nominated for a Writers Guild award for best animation writing in 2004. His book SpongeBob's Big Halloween Scare was published by Simon and Schuster and showed up on the New York Time bestseller list. Under non-fiction, presumably. His novel King of the Creeps will be published by Random House in 2006. More about Steve Banks

and Michael D'Antonio won a $10,000 Humanitas prize for Crown Heights, a Showtime movie about an effort to heal wounds from the riots that broke out after a car driven by a Jewish man struck and killed a black child.

edited Sideways, one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year. If you want to hear Kevin talk about his work on another film, he has his own commentary track on the DVD of The Clearing, now in your finer video stores. For more information about Kevin see Kevin Tent's Credits

whose LACC days pre-date the Cinema/TV program, considers himself an honorary alumnus. His television writing credits include Too Close for Comfort, Viva Valdez, Welcome Back Kotter, The Bob Newhart Show, Sanford and Son, Julia, Batman, Get Smart, My Mother the Car, My Favorite Martian, and The Andy Griffith Show. Let's see you youngsters top that resume. Earl Barret's Credits

now the lead singer of the band Rilo Kiley, speaking of music, popped up in Entertainment Weekly's Listen 2 This section a few months back, saying it was her wish to meet actor Mark Ruffalo, "A babe for sure." When asked what she would do if she met him, she said, "Turn to dust. I'd be a pile of clothes." She's also doing her first solo album for Omaha's Saddle Creek Records Jenny Lewis Credits

will be one of the producers of Nappily Ever After, which will star Halle Berry as an advertising executive who shaves off her long, processed, straight hair.

a more recent alumna (she was here in 97-98), worked as a PA on the TV show Elimidate and on the film MVP, which was at Sundance in 2004. She was also a PA and Wardrobe Assistant on the Eminem film 8 Mile.

recreated her Tony-nominated performance in Caroline, or Change at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles in November and December. There were standing ovations every night. The production moves to San Francisco in January for several weeks. Tonya is also finishing up her self-help book, which will have the wonderful title Get Over Yourself. And she is shooting what she hopes will be the last footage she needs for her documentary on child custody cases. Tonya Pinkins' Credits

is now the Director of Communications for PAX Scientific. She manages "all marketing, corporate, and technical materials, web sites, video production, PR, and any other activities that help people understand what we do. (Which is?) The company is an industrial design firm that employs design geometrics found in nature to solve technology." Well, you wanted to know.

has been working on the shows Elimidate, Fox Television's The Swan and the independent feature MVP.

2003 - 2004

was the cinematographer for LEON TREY HALEY who directed Sweet Oranges released on DVD Sweet Oranges. Wendel is concentrating now his efforts on shooting music videos after spending time as a camera assistant for Daniel C. Pearl and Malik Hassan Sayeed.

and her writing partner Ildy Modrovich are now story editors on the CBS television show CSI: Miami Credits

co-edited the feature The Last Samurai. Credits

are preparing to shoot their first fiction feature, Federal, in Brazil. Erik wrote and will direct, and Heber is producing. They recently were in Hollywood to sign Forest Whitaker to play a DEA agent. Their documentary Senta A Pua! will be released shortly on DVD.

Meanwhile, in Argentina, has written and directed his first feature, Cautiva (Captive will be the English title). Variety's review called it a "gripping drama," and said, "first-time helmer Gaston Biraben catches the viewer up in a paradoxical tale." Film was judged best film in the Horizons sidebar at the San Sebastian Film Festival. The film tells the story of a young girl brought up in a middle class home only to find out she is the real daughter of activists who were "disappeared" in the 70s. Credits

has taken an acting gig, showing up in Love, Sex, and Eating the Bones, a Canadian film that played the Toronto Film Festival. Credits

has returned to the New York stage. She plays Caroline in Tony Kushner's new play, Caroline, or Change. It is currently at the Public Theatre but will move to Broadway in May, making her elgible for what could be her second Tony. Reviewers thought she was the best thing in the show. Tonya Pinkins Credits

played the juicy role of the sleazy kidnapper in the CBS November sweeps movie The Elizabeth Smart Story. Credits

was invited to the Berlinale Talent Campus at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2004.

was the assistant sound editor on Something's Gotta Give. Credits

edited the new Carl Franklin film Out of Time. Credits

selected a series of cuts in Apocalypse Now for his contribution to the "Cuts We Love" column in the Spring 2003 CinemaEditor, the official journal of the American Cinema Editors. The issue, by the way, is on Film Schools, and LACC gets mentioned, although not nearly enough, of course. Credits

2002 - 2003

2001 short film Maple won the best director award at the Reel Black Awards in Toronto, and the film played at the Reel World Film Festival in Toronto and at other Canadian film festivals. Her 2003 short film Lock Her Room played on Showcase in February 2003 as part of their Black Filmmakers Showcase.

did his usual brilliant job of editing on About Schmidt . The American Cinema Editors thought so too, and nominated it for one of the year's best editing jobs. (Typical Hollywood story: when the film was completed and previewed, the audience reaction was not up to the studio's liking. So they recut it. And their version tested worse. We could have told them you can't schmuck around with Kevin's editing.)

and her writing partner Ildy Modrovich have been signed by CAA. They have credits on two episodes of the hit TV series CSI: Miami. Their February10th episode was praised in a Close-Up feature in TV Guide as a "well-crafted whodunit," and indeed it was. (Although Professor Stempel's wife, a former research scientist, had a couple of scientific quibbles about it, but she's like that.)

2001 - 2002

feature Love Philosophy was released in nationwide in Germany.

directed two TV movies: Tempted and Get a Clue. Maggie Greenwald's credits

produced the features King of the Ants, Leave No Trace and Lava Lounge. Joy Czerwonky's credits

directed Blue Car (2002), starring Agnes Bruckner, David Strathairn, Margaret Colin and Frances Fisher. It was picked up by Miramax after the Sundance Film Festival and released nationwide to excellent reviews. Karen began writing Blue Car while at LACC in 1998 and the script won the AMPAS Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. More info on Blue Car including reviews. Other Blue Car Info. Other Credits

directed the feature sports documentary Keep Your Eyes Open (2002), starring Mike D (Michael Diamond of the Beastie Boys), Sunny Garcia, Matt Hoffman, Spike Jonze, Seth Morrison and Travis Pastrana. Her other film this year was Crossroads with Britney Spears, Aston Mount, Zoe Saldana and Dan Akroyd. Tamra Davis' credits

one of the first students ever in the LACC Cinema program back in the late sixties, has a new film called The Spirit of Yosemite , which will surprise no one who saw his student film, Yosemite Incident . You cannot catch The Spirit of Yosemite at your local theatre or drive-in. The 23-minute film is being shown only in the 131-seat theatre in the visitor's center at Yosemite National Park. In between his first Yosemite film and the second one, David won a Silver Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival for his multimedia production Replenish the Earth and an Oscar nomination for his feature documentary Generation on the Wind . More recent students may remember the one-page ad for the latter in the Former Student Bulletin Board.

is the vocalist for the band Rilo Kiley, whose first album Take Offs and Landings came out in 2001.

has returned to the stage, this time in Los Angeles. She is appearing in Joe Louis Blues at the Tiffany Theatre.

came up with an Honorable Mention in the African-American category of the Directors Guild of America Student Film Awards for her film, VWB(Voting While Black) . Credits

Life/Drawing played at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in Birmingham where it won the top award, Best Feature.

film Trauco's Daughter has been chosen to be shown this March in the prestigious San Diego Latino Film Festival.

are currently shooting a feature length documentary Voices featuring R&B singer Kenny Laqttimore. Their next project is Addison Square. You can contact them at

was the editor on Terry Zwigof's film Ghost World.

appeared on the cover and in a photo essay in theLos Angeles Times Magazine, November 11, 2001.

Congratulations to who won the LACC Foundation 2000-01 Joseph Dyer Scholarship.

were recipiants of Women in Film scholarships in June, 2001. Congratulations.

came up with an Honorable Mention in the African-American category of the Directors Guild of America Student Film Awards for her short, VWB - Voting While Black.

is an associate producer for the BET Network.

is producing documentaries through his company, Bigfoot Productions. He's currently shooting a documentary on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Click here for his website.

2000 - 2001

has completed principal photography on his DV feature Gothic/Claustrophobia.

works for a film production and distribution company that sent her to Paris to work with the French office of the company. She was there during the aftermath of the Presidential election here and started telling strangers and cab drivers she was British so she did not have to try to explain our electoral system to them.

is actively producing feature films, commericals, and shorts. She's currently producing the 35mm feature Lava Lounge for Ovenbird Films, Inc.

has been busy as associate producer and cameraman with the National Geographic Explorers in Costa Rica. He produced his first indie DV feature this year. Currently he's with US Films marketing Soderberg's new film Traffic.

produced and directed this year's theater trailer's for the Sundance Film Festival.

had a a showing in New York of 8 of her films at the Dahlonega International Film Festival at the Maya Deren Theatre in New York on March 17.

returned to playing government officials in movies with a role as the FBI agent who gives Kevin Costner the file on "Papa Spy" in Thirteen Days.

is now the Chief Technology Office at High Technology Video. He was quoted in a recent article in American Cinematographer.

has been working for four years at SONY. He now is an Associate with Screen Gems.

is currently writing the update for the ASC manual.

has been awarded the Independent Feature Project West's Project: Involve Barbara Boyle Scholarship.

is the Apprentice Film Editor on Save the Last Dance.

is very busy shooting promo videos and doing A.D. work on commercials and music videos.

is currently Vice President of Engineering for the Meredith Broadcasting Group. See

followed up her role in The Wild Party with an off-Broadway stint in The Vagina Monologues.

new short film, Return to Reason played at the Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival in July. Marise also has been awarded the William Froug Scholarship in Screenwritig at UCLA.

co-produced a feature entitled Living The Life, directed by Alex Muoz. It will be released at the beginning of 2001. For more information, see the Living The Life website.

just released his first feature, The Cell. It opened on August 18, 2000 and was the top-grossing film of the weekend. Tarsem was the subject of an article in the Los Angeles Times on August 19th, the day after the film opened. He is quoted in the article as having received inspiration as a film student at LACC. The article also stated that Tarsem is "one of the highest paid and celebrated commercial and music video directors." For more information on The Cell.

is currently working on her documentary Strawberries - Women of the Night. She's been getting a lot of press on it. See her website

have completed a feature documentary on the Brazilian Air Force in World War II entitled Senta A Pua!. It played for a week in April at the Pioneer Theatre in New York City. The guys were told there was no way they could get a Brazillian documentary into a run in New York, but the did. It will play on double bills with such classics of the WWII Italian campaign as Rome Open City, Paisan, and San Pietro Learn more about this great film (highly recommended by Dr. Stempel) at Senta A Pua!.

is still John Woo's assistant and received a "story by" credit on a half-hour sitcom last February and is now writing a feature.

1999 - 2000

was the lst AC for the James Mangold film Girl Interrupted (Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Whoopi Goldberg and Vennessa Redgrave) for SONY . He also was the 1st on In Dreams directed by Neil Jordan. Bill Coe's Credits

advanced film Split was on the Sundance Channel in October.

Oat-Meal has been a film festival hit with over forty different festivals accepting it for screening including Edinburg, Berlin, and Ann Arbor. She has won a number of awards too. Her latest film, Lucy's Dream, is currently making its way on the film festival curcuit.

film My Brother was in the Mediaone Film Festival.

Honoree had Michael Lehman as her Project: Involve mentor this year.

was a visual effects assistant with Filmwerks Digital on The Wrecking Crew directed by Albert Pyun.

book: How to Find a Good Black Man: Find Yourself. is still doing well. You can see it on Theodore is now attending the Communicatons Department at Purdue.

has a successful business producing surfing films in Hawaii. See her company's website at

has been moved up to co-starring status for his recurring role on the series ER.

film It Dwells in Mirrors has been a big hit at film festivals. It has been now be seen at over 30, including Slamdance, Edinburg International, and MIX/New York.

is a staff 1st assistant editor for Disney Animation in Burbank.

is directing music videos in New York. He recently did several in Austrailia.

is producing documentaries through his company, Bigfoot Productions. Click here for his website

did a terrific job cutting Girl Interrupted (Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Whoopi Goldberg and Vennessa Redgrave) for SONY . He also edited Election with Johnny Depp. He's now cutting Blow, directed by Ted Denne and starring Johnny Depp. Kevin Tent's Credits

had his film A Box of Cookies screened at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival.

1998 - 1999

was working as a first assistant director on a friend's shoot when somebody on the crew told him he'd seen his name on this list on the Net. So Dino looked himself up and realized we hadn't anything more recent about him than 1990, so he updated us. Math Murder, the indie feature he was going to produce, never materialized, but he has done a lot of other jobs, including First A.D. , editor, and writer, the latter most recently on the award-winning Holloween special Pumpkin Man, He has also just completed his first indie feature as director/co-writer. It's called Bob's Video and is made by his own company Klaxon Filmworks. The co-writer, by the way, is another LACC alumus, J.M. BELL. Click here for more about Dino

first feature, Life/Drawing played at the Taos Film Festival in April and got a very nice review in Variety. The reviewer called it a "funny pic…wholly original" and said that Dan's direction "pulls off the trick of balancing our sympathies between characters who have little idea what they're doing, while also commenting on the elusiveness of the creative process itself." Click here for information about the film

is still director Robert Altman's "executive/personal/everything assistant" and has a credit on his charming new movie Cookie's Fortune. She says, "It has been the most amazing time of my life."

has directed a new feature starring Wanya Morris and Mekhi Phifer. Click here for other info about the movie.

did the Foley mixing on Election as well.

can be seen in the supporting role of Rose in Showtime's orginal movie, Blind Faith which world premiered in January 1998 at Sundance and has aired on Showtime since then.

is one of the producers of the indie feature Pariah, which opened in Los Angeles in May (1999) to good reviews.

Second-year cinema student was awarded the 1998 Humanitas Prize for the screenplay she wrote for the TV movIe Ruby Bridges which aired on ABC and was produced by The Wonderful World of Disney. The Humanitas prize is given to writers who have written scripts that communicate enriching human values. Click here for more about Toni

is now the Director of Budgeting and Estimating at 20th Century-Fox. He went there a couple of years ago in his consultant status to look at their animation program and Rupert Murdoch liked his work so much he now oversees budgets for the whole studio, including TV animation, feature animation, television production, and feature production. He's the guy who, when a director asks for forty more horses than they have budgeted for, tells the director he can have them but they will be paid for out of the director's salary. What a fun job!

did a terrific job editing the Meryl Streep starrer One True Thing, giving the film a fluidity and grace most features cut on the throw-all-the-dailies-into-ablender-and-see-what-happens approach do not have. It's not her fault the film runs long in the last twenty minutes; who would dare cut Meryl Streep's death scenes? Carol Kravetz's Credits.

appeared in an October episode of The New Love Boat. Look for it on re-runs. It's the one with the cast of the original Love Boat as guest stars. Susan is the only one in the cast without a bad eye job.

received a Distinguished Alumna Award from the California Community College League in November at a ceremony attended by Vaughn Obem and Tom Stempel, as well as the president of LACC, Dr. Mary Spangler.

videotape, It's O.K to Peek: Gynecological Self-Exam, is now distributed by Woman Make Movies in New York. Valerie Boyd in Health Quest: The Publication of Black Wellness calls it "Useful to health professionals and health educators."

did a terrific job editing the new feature Election. He had previously cut the same director's Citizen Ruth.

is continually active with his animation and special effects company, NEW HOLLYWOOD. See his website for details.

1997 - 1998

student film Omnibus was shown at the 13th annual Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film and Video Festival in May.

shows up as the heroine's boy friend in Ice Cube's film The Players Club. He also shows up early on for a line or two in Godzilla.

and her husband Larry Williams co-directed the NBC TV-movie Brave New World, which ran in April.

is now working as a personal assistant to director John Woo. She worked on the rewrites on Woo's Face/Off. She even did one scene as an actress in the film, which was cut, but still got her her SAG card. She also did rewrites on a script for a TV pilot Woo was connected with. As she told Tom Stempel, "It still sucked, but it sucked less."

1986 film Ernie Andrews: Blues for Central Avenue has become the inspiration for a new book. Steven Isoardi wrote a review of the film when it first came out and got interested in the subject. He has now done extensive oral history inteviews with the jazz musicians who were part of Central Avenue in the forties. The book was excerpted in the LA Weekly in March and is published by the University of California Press. It is called Central Avenue Sounds: Jazz in Los Angeles, and made the Los Angeles Times Best Seller list.

now a freelancing writer, has started doing movie reviews of the freeby LA weekly New Times.

was Robert Altman's assistant on The Gingerbread Man.

was the Assistant Music Editor on As Good As It Gets.

gave a terrific performance as Aunt Rosie in the much-honored Hong Kong film Comrades: Almost a Love Story.

film Muriel was given a CINE Eagle Award, and won an award at the Humboldt Film Festival.

is now working for Cinesite as a 3D animator.

student film Statue of Limitations was shown at the Festival of Fantastic Cinema in Brussels, Belgium.

film Pariah played at the Hollywood Film Festival in October.

short film Drought played at the AFIFEST in October. She also appears in Pretty Village, Pretty Flame, which played at the Anthology Film Archives in New York. She plays an American television journalist in Bosnia. Click here for more about Lisa

both worked on the low-budge feature Plan B.

while awaiting the release of Best Men, has directed another feature, the comedy Half Baked.

continues his government service in films (having played a Secret Service agent in My Fellow Americans--see below) and has been promoted to National Security Advisor in the summer hit Air Force One. Of course he gets shot in the head by Gary Oldman... Click here for more about Tom.

Speaking of Air Force One, was one of the Foley mixers on the film.

is a producer of video games at the Ionstorm company in Dallas.

is directing her second theatrical feature, Deep Impact, starring Thea Leoni and Elijah Wood (now there's a romantic combination). Among the people who show up in the producing credits are Steve Spielberg, Richard Zanuck, and David Brown. Nothing like hanging out with the swells, eh?

co-directed the June 1997 HBO film Path to Paradise: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing. Her co-director was her husband Larry Williams (who was also her co-director on the Homicide episode she did in May). According to a p.r. story on the film in the LA Times, they have directed rock videos, commercials, and MTV's dramatic film series Out of Order.

is directing the theatrical film Best Men, starring Drew Barrymore and Dean Cain. Tamra was one of several music-video-to-theatrical-film directors discussed in an article in the LA Times Sunday Calendar in June 1997.

1996 - 1997

was the film editor on the black comedy Citizen Ruth, and LISA DENKER was the set decorator on the same film. Click here for more about Lisa

was 1st Assistant Camera on Evita, and is going to have the same position on Speed 2.

is now have of the special effects company Gray Rat Technologies.

was a camera intern on Evita and will be working on the camera crew of Aliens 4.

is making a mint on her appearance in the Nyquil commercial running nationally during the flu season. It's remake of a commercial she did several years ago.

And in the same vein appears in a Toys 'R' Us commercial that is a sequel to a commercial she did as a kid. You can see that she has not aged a bit.

has a nice role as one of the Secret Service guys chasing James Garner and Jack Lemmon in My Fellow Americans.

is now working for Disney animation in Florida. He is first assistant editor on the film Mulan. Click here for more about Bill

gave a knockout performance as a junkie mom on the December 10th episode of NYPD Blue.

was one of three recipients of the 1996 James D. Phelan Art Awards in Film making sponsored by the San Francisco Foundation.

is line producing the Royal Oaks Communications production of Time Under Fire.

was busy at the University Film and Video Association Conference in August 1996. Delle presented a paper at one session, was a moderator of another session, and had a film shown as well.

was the Assistant Music Editor on Twister

1995 - 1996

edited the April 1996 HBO film Soul of the Game. Variety's reviewer called his editing "swift and sweet."

were co-curators of screenings of rare puppet animation and Dadist films on April 27th at Beyond Baroque. Beyond Baroque is of course run by TOSH BERMAN, who hustled himself a "presented by" credit on this screening. Relah's film Oatmeal and Erik's film Left Alone With the Night are being shown in the 1995 University Film and Video Association Student Film and Video Festival, which played by the American Cinematheque at the Directors Guild in late May.

stage play The Chest had a two-month run in March and April in Hollywood.

showed up playing an assistant director on the NBC sitcom Caroline in the City on April 4th.

co-directed an episode of NBC's cop series, Homicide: Life on the Street, that was shown April 5th.

made a 20 minute short film in 35mm called Music Be the Music. It played this year at Sundance and is writing a feature screenplay that Gus Van Sant will produce and Nick will direct.

has been making historical documentaries and language learning educational films. He made the award winning PBS documentary of last year, American the Bountiful.

co-starred in the TV movie Sweet Temptation on March 6th on CBS, and two nights later on the same network KAREN MONCRIEFF guest starred on Diagnosis Murder.

was one of the women directors pictured in this year's Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair. Perhaps in comment on last year's Hollywood issue, which was criticized for showing powerful and talented women in their underwear, Tamra was photographed in a large parka.

has now been promoted to Program Administrator of the AFIFEST.

Oat-Meal was shown at the AFI Film Fest in October. She was not the only LACC former Cinema student there.

was both a Program Advisor and the editor of the catalog.

was the Guest Office Coordinator.

has sold a pile (oh, all right, a package) of his animated shorts to Bravo. They will be screened on the Independent Film Channel.

film The Ring was shown at film festivals in Brno (that's in the Czech Republic) and Barcelona. It was also a finalist in the Women's Division of the DGA student film contest.

film Cramps was also a finalist in the DGA competition, in the African American Division.

are only current students, but they are also busy acting. Karen appeared in an October 1995 episode of the UPN series Nowhere Man, Kai has a nice scene as a doomed hooker in the De Niro/Pacino film Heat, and Zed is the dorky slacker John Travolta has put the travel bag in locker C-17 in Get Shorty.

got good reviews for her editing of the feature Devil in a Blue Dress.

won the Emmy in September 1995 she so richly deserved. She won for directing, specifically her episode "Love's Labor Lost" of E.R..

And speaking of E.R., LACC seems to be taking over the show. In addition to Mimi as producer and director, current student GIORGY TARJAN has a recurring role as Nurse Hathaway's mother, and ANGELICA GIANGREGORIO occasionally works as a Second Assistant Camerperson on the show. Angelica works primarily for the Warner Brothers Camera Department, and is the Second Assistant Camera every week on the sitcom Hope and Gloria. She also occasionally does the job when they shoot the action scenes for Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

And we may be taking over Chicago Hope as well. KAZ TAKEUCHI works as a grip on that show. Kaz also won a Silver Medal for Mixed Media for his piece Shimon at the New York Film Festival back in 1989-90.

recorded Foley on Waterworld and The Net.

was promoted to executive vice president, creative advertising, for the Motion Picture Group of Paramount Pictures. She will be responsible for all motion picture-related creative advertising, as well as overseeing the entire print department of Paramount's in-house ad agency, 5555 Communications.

has had a busy time since she transferred to UCLA. Her film Brief Exhange was screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival, the Los Angeles Asian PacificAmerican Film Festival and was selected for People's Choice Night at Humboldt International Film Festival. Her film Stomping on Fallen Leaves appearedat the Korean Americans in the Arts Festival in Oakland. Her next short film Aloha Gym screened at the Asian Pacific American Coalition of Theater, Film and Television "Fresh Voices, New Works" festival in May 1995.

participants in our Third Occasional "Is There Life After Film School?" Seminar in March 1995. They played to a packed and appreciative house. The seminar was written about in the Los Angeles Independent and the Los Angeles Times.

only just got back in town in time for the seminar. He had spent the previous months supervising the animation in the Disney Paris studios for The Goofy Movie. He was as surprised as anyone that it made its release date.

IIt's in the Bag ran on Show time in February 1995. Masking Over Women's Lives, The PBS Life and Times documentary on Angela and her film, was nominated for a local Emmy. Angela is now producing inferentially. Hey, somebody's got to do it.

is one of the many editors on Mel Gibson's three-hour film Braveheart. Hey, somebody had to look at all that footage.

has directed several episodes of E.R. during its first season, including "Love's Labor Lost," the most talked about episode of the season.

1994 - 1995

short documentaryNo Alternative Girls ran first on MTV, then was one of the films in the first program of films of the Cicerones organization in November 1994.

first feature, Moon dance, starring another LACC alum, LISA MONCURE, played a one-week run at the Laetrile Sunset 5.

Emphaedra was one of several short films screening at the Lou de Cris Cafe in L.A. on September 28th.

directed the excellent "Zit" episode of the highly acclaimed new television series My So-Called Life. The episode ran on September 22nd.

is a Supervising Producer and a Director on the new television series E.R. She directed the episode that ran on September 22nd. Hey, LACC Cinema's own . Mimi also directed the television movie The Innocent, which was broadcast on September 25th. It starred Kelsey Grammar, fresh from his winning the Emmy, in a decidedly non-Frazier sort of role. Her sister GERALDINE did the casting for the film. She also directed the E.R.episode on October 6th.

co-starred in the season opened of Picket Fences on September 23rd, and then appeared in the television movie A Friend to Die For on September 26th.

is finishing directing her first 35mm film, a short entitled Copper Women. The production was written about in the Los Angeles Times in August 1994. The film was made under the aegis of the Independent Feature Project/West and will industry help solicited in the an ad in Entertainment Weekly. Guillermina can also be glimpsed in the background of the nightclub scene in the feature Mi Vida Loca.

did some of the set decoration onMi Vida Loca, speaking of that film.

directed one of the "Peace: Live It or Rest in It" anti-gun TV spots that have run on MTV, HBO and other cable channels. Their spot follows a bullet through glass walls and a TV set right up to a baby in a high chair.

was dropped as the director of the feature Bad Girls, but several reviews pointed out that the completed film would have been much better if she had directed it. Meanwhile, she got to exercise her directorial muscles doing the "I've Got You, Babe" video with Cher, Beavis and Butthead, and The Lemonheads' "It's About Time." Both were produced at SHARON ORECK's O Pictures.

had the honor of having his The Steven Banks Show being the first sitcom ever run on PBS. It began its run in July 1994, and its producer was no less than Brandon Tartikoff.

was the subject of an episode of KCET's series Life and Times. The episode featured clips from her film It's in the Bag and compared the fictional beauty makeover in that film to real beauty makeovers given to homeless women.

was one of several sound editors on Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

is the co-producer of the new Oliver Stone film Natural Born Killers.

had a screening of her complete works at the Raleigh Studio in July 1994 that attracted favorable critical attention from the local papers.

1993 - 1994

Left Alone With Night was screened at the Big Muddy Film Festival.

The Room was screened at the Cleveland Film Festival, and also selected for the Short-Circuit Festival in Monaco.

It's in the Bag won the $2000 second prize in the Black American Cinema Society's 12th annual African American independent filmmakers' competition.

was the assistant editor on The Fugitive.

is now the head of the screenwriting program at Northwestern University.

was the second assistant editor on Father Hood.

appeared on General Hospital in November.

did additional editing on Campus Culture Wars: Five Stories about Political Correctness, which was broadcast by PBS in September.

film A Voice From the Edge was shown at the 9th Chicago Latino Film Festival.

Ego Diminutive Experiment no. 1 and RELAH ECKSTEIN's The Room were shown as part of a program on new experimental films at the Film Forum in December.

CB4 opened to good reviews shortly after the Nuart run of her previous film Gun Crazy. In the summer of 93, Tamra was scheduled to direct a western with a semi-feminist slant, Bad Girls, but the producers pulled the rug out from under her and replaced her with Jonathan Kaplan.

a student at LACC in the early eighties, was one of the people doing Foley on the Stallone film Cliffhanger.

photographic essay on the 1993 Cannes Film Festival appeared in the August 1993 issue of Premiere Magazine. Their film Menace II Society not only opened to rave reviews, but exceeded industry expectations at the box office.

teamed up and with another Iranian filmmaker got a week's run of their LACC films at the Monica in July 1993. Sia's The Black Wagon and Mohammad's Growing Again were the two films.

1992 - 1993

had their first feature, Menace II Society, selected as one of only 16 films to be shown in the prestigious Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1993. In addition, the Hughes brothers will be reporting on the Festival for Premiere Magazine. Premiere Editor Susan Lyne was quoted in Variety as saying she had given each of them a camera and sent them to Cannes to try to "get a different take on the same story this year."

has directed and photographed on music video for Apache and two others for Eazy-E.

directed two episodes of the new television series Sirens.

appeared in a Sirens episode (not one of Victor's) as a woman judge who turned out to have once been a man. Those of us who remember Judith found it very disconcerting how believable she was in the part.

In your local video store, you can look for three films involving former students: CHRIS WALAS directed. The Vagrant, a wonderfully weird black comedy about a yuppie who buys a house and gets paranoid about the homeless person across the way. But even paranoids have enemies. If MGM had been solvent, it would have released this one to theaters and it could have become a cult hit...

got a co-director credit on the Roger Corman production Ultra Warrior, and you can see why they wanted an editor of Kevin's experience: only half the film is new footage, and the rest is stuff from an incredible number of old Corman films, which comes on as the characters in the new footage talk about the way things were...

cinematography is one of the more pleasant things about Mikey, a horror movie about a bad little boy who is really bad.

recurring role in the new television series, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

was one of the sound editors on The Distinguished Gentleman.

had the film he wrote, produced, and directed, Moondance, in the AFI/LA Film Fest in June 92.

was an Assistant Film Editor on Madonna: Truth or Dare.

produces a magazine show Kaleidoscope for Public Access television.

was a background artist for the Disney feature Newsies.

executive produces commercials, both live action and animated.

works in the camera department at Warner Brothers.

worked on the special effects on Batman Returns.

has been in Thailand overseeing the completion of Tom and Jerry: The Movie.

meanwhile, bought out David Koenigsberg's interest in their New Hollywood Inc. and assumed full control. He is also directing his first music video for the band The Titanic s.

works for Touchstone synching dailies for executive screenings.

was line producer on the feature Crazy Joe.

wrote music videos for Pat Benatar and Twisted Sister and has been doing the cable show Night Flight.

is currently the coordinator for park locations for Los Angeles City's Department of Parks and Recreation.

worked as a set dresser on Batman Returns, as well as Ghostbusters II, War of the Roses, JJoe Vs. the Volcano, The Doors, and the television series Cop Rock.

produces several weekly programs for the Jewish Television Network.

has won an LA area Emmy for best public cable program for her 30-minute documentary, On Common Ground. It was also nominated for an ACE award. She produced the program for the City of Long Beach, which has one of the most culturally diverse populations in the country. She is now producing a video about Northwest stonecarver Molly Greist. Her 1986 film Ernie Andrews: Blues for Central Avenue, which began as an LACC student project, was screened at the Hollywood Jazz Festival and at the New York Film Forum in the Spring of 1992.

have been hired to direct the feature Menace to Society for New Line Cinema. They have directed 30 rap music videos.

has directed the new remake of the 1949 cult film Gun Crazy, and it was shown at the London Film Festival in November 1992. It also played on the Showtime channel, which made it eligble for the Golden Globe awards. The film's star, Drew Barrymore, was nominated for a Golden Globe. The film also got a theatrical release in January 1993. The reviews were excellent, and the Los Angeles Times even did an interview article on Tamra. The editor on the film, by the way, was our own KEVIN TENT.

were the co-art directors on the critically acclaimed independent feature Gas, Food, Lodging. An exhibition of Carla's "Mothers and Daughters" photographs took place in May at the Ken Edwards Center in Santa Monica.

edited the critically acclaimed feature One False Move, and was the second unit director on Poison Ivy and Stripped to Kill II.

edited the Ed Zwick feature Leaving Normal, and the pilot episode of the new television series Class of '96.

short film Cocaine: The Cold Hearted Bitch won third place in the Black Filmmakers screening.

was nominated for an Emmy for her direction of the "Rewind" episode of China Beach. Mimi also directed the television movie A Little Piece of Heaven, which was broadcast in December 1991. It starred Kirk Cameron. What versatility Mimi must have to go from directing Dana Delaney to directing Kirk Cameron.

has been producing radio dramas for LA station KPFK under the umbrella title Playhouse 90.7. Among her productions was "Bricktop," written and starring another LACC Cinema alumna, GAMMY SINGER. It was broadcast the day after Thanksgiving, 1991.

has produced and directed a video documentary The Liberation of KZ Dachau, which is available from his Strong Communications Company in Cary, North Carolina. The documentary includes interviews with former American soldiers who liberated Dachau. Wilson Library Bulletin says the tape is "executed with great eloquence." Jim is going to be writing a book on Dachau and another LACC Cinema alumni, RON BOONE, will be doing the photographs.

LACC film The La Brea Woman was screened at the Cafe Cinema just in time for Halloween 1991.

film Eggy Time played the Filmforums First Sight Scene and her film Eye Creature won the Golden Reel Award from the Motion Picture Sound Editors. Both films were done at LACC.

1991 - 1992

is one of the stars of the new ABC series The Commish.

is the film curator of Beyond Baroque, the Venice Literary Center, which ran a series of early Peter Greenaway films in September 1991.

produces plays at the Strasberg Creative Center. In September 1991, she produced Yoko Narahashi's The Winds of God.

short film Adrift was screened as part of a program at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporaty Exhibitions) in September 1991.

was nominated for an Emmy for her direction of the "You, Babe" episode of China Beach.

had a John H. Mitchell Internship from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to work at the Tiffen Technical Center in 1990.

won the MTV Music Award for Best Direction of a Video in September 1991 for his direction of the R.E.M. video "Losing my Religion."

was the co-producer of the feature Puppet Master II.

1990 - 1991

short film Xix Point Nine, which was the hit of the January screenings at LACC was a hit elsewhere as well. It was the first place Golden Bear at the 1991 Berlin Film Festival for Best Short Film.

was signed in January 1991 to direct The Vagrant, a black comedy being made by Brooksfilms and MGM/Pathe. Chris directed The Fly II a few years back. The new film stars Michael Ironside, Colleen Camp and Patrika Darbo.

was nominated in January 1991 for a Grammy as the producer of the Paula Abdul music video, "Opposites Attract."

pilot for his own series on Showtime was telecast in January 1991.

after working as an assistant to the executive producer on the Lindsay Wagner series Peaceable Kingdom, wrote the story and was co-screenwriter on "The Final Mission" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which was broadcast in November 1990.

was the Sound Mixer and Music Consultant on David Lynch's Wild At Heart, and was the Production Sound Mixer on The Big Picture, which includes funny parodies of student films. We know several of our former students who could have sued the latter film for libel, especially over Jennifer Jason Leigh's performance.

was the Executive Story Consultant on the short-lived series Snoops.

did the Set Decoration for the film noir After Dark, My Sweet.

was the Production Coordinator on the Emilio Estevez film Men at Work.

wrote, produced, and directed the feature Marked For Murder.

who had been Vice President in Charge of Print Advertising at Paramount, was in May 1990 moved up to Senior Vice President of Creative Advertising at the studio.

was signed to write and direct an adaptation of Jim Thompson's 1953 novel Savage Night for Laurel Entertainment. Her earlier film, The Kill-Off, also based on a Thompson novel, was released in Los Angeles in the fall of 1990. When the reviewer in the Los Angeles Times took her to task for her adaptation, she wrote a lengthy reply that was printed in the Times in January 1991.

animation was used in Back to the Future II. Wes is also one of the scheduled participants at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Museum of Broadcasting's tribute to The Simpsons on March 7th.

is now supervising producer on China Beach and continues to direct.

1989 - 1990

adding producing to her directing chores on China Beach this year. Fortunately she continued to direct as well, most noticeably the "Skin Deep" and "Magic" episodes. She was on the cover of the Los Angeles Times Sunday Calendar as part of a story on women in television. She also appeared on the China Beach panel at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's 7th Annual Festival of Television in March.

independent feature The Kill Off, based on a novel by Jim Thompson, has been playing the festival circuit. Maggie herself appeared on panels at the London Film Festival and the New York Film Festival. She also appeared at the Independent Feature Project West's Independents Forum at UCLA to accompany a screening.

wrote and produced "To the Edge of the Earth," an episode of The Infinite Voyage series on PBS.

sisters are busy. MARGARET had a set decorator credit on two of the better films of the past year, the indie feature Drugstore Cowboy and the Walter Matthau television movie The Incident. Sister JANE was the script supervisor on Drugstore Cowboy.

after years in development hell as an executive(she insists she likes the development process), for her first screen credit on the PBS American Playhouse production of "Zora is My Name."

is in charge of Feature Development at Lewis Chessler Productions and works on the television series The Hitchiker.

after playing the role of "Little Dog" in the indie feature Streetwar, is producing an indie feature himself entitled Math Murder.

has left the Hollywood Reporter Blu-Book and is now working for American Film Locations and doing freelance writing.

1988 - 1989

now runs her own production company O Pictures, which produces music videos. She has produced music videos for Madonna, Prince, Toto, Chaka Khan, B-52's, and the Eurythmics. Sharon's company is also producing our May 11th Benefit Screening of the best student films of the last three to four years, which we are sure you heard about or attended. And if you did not attend, why not?

who won the Academy Award in 1987 for Best Makeup for The Fly, directed the 1989 sequel The Fly II.

has directed three episodes of the television series China Beach this season.

won an American Cinema Editors "Eddie" award in March 1989 for his editing of an episode of the television series thirtysomething. He alternates between being film editor and associate producer on thirtysomething. He was nominated for an Emmy last year for editing on the series.

did the animation on the award-winning "Mad Scientist" commercials.

Most of Roger Corman's productions these days seem to have been edited by former LACC students. Working for Corman are Kevin Tent, Robbie Kunovitz, Annie Goldsmith, and Carole Kravetz. Dance of the Damned, the film Carole cut, was shown at this year's AFI Festival.

short film Picking Tribes was the first prixe winner at this year's Black Talkies on Parade Festival.

directed Tone-Luc's video Wild Thing.

short film Loose Ends was screened at the Vancouver Film festival.

short film Tracks was shown at the United States Film Festival and it received an Honorable Mention at the San Francisco Film Festival.

cut the low budget film Intruder.

low budget feature (he not only produced, he wrote, directed and edited it) Vice Academy was reviewed by Variety. Unfortunately, the reviewer said the "effort was generally purile."

o-wrote the January 19th episode of Cheers.

was working in the legal department at Tri-Star as well as getting a few acting assignments.

edited the film Nightwish which was written and directed by LACC Cinema instructor Bruce Cook. Other LACC Cinema students, past and present, who worked on the film include Monique Le Bleu, Martin Aguilar, Bill Fiege, Edgar Arellano, Randy Simpson, and Sean Moor.

is the Technical Director at Calico Productions.

continues as the editor of The Hollywood Reporter Studio Blu-Book Directory.

worked on the 1989 Directory with her.

Past Activities

won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 1980 for his film Board and Care, which was begun as an advanced student project at LACC. Other students assisting on the film were Sharis Mitchell(production), Frankie Barreraz(still photography), and Jeff Childs(editing).won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 1980 for his film Board and Care, which was begun as an advanced student project at LACC. Other students assisting on the film were Sharis Mitchell(production), Frankie Barreraz(still photography), and Jeff Childs(editing).

student film Yosemite is distributed by Budget Films. His film Festival of American Life won a local Emmy in Washington D.C. in 1977, and his Generation on the Wind was nominated for an Academy Award in 1980 as Best Feature documentary.

was the co-producer of Tales of Meeting and Parting, which was nominated in 1985 for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. She was previously the assistant film editor on Below the Belt.

wrote the screenplay for the 1978 Universal release Gray Lady Down in the screenwriting class at LACC. He subsequently wrote the 1981 Twentieth Century-Fox release Megaforce.

the co-producer of the feature documentary Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Party, was the Film Control Coordinator on Star Wars.

are the co-founders of New Hollywood Inc, an animation camera/negative cutting company. David has also been the organizer of a number of Filmex Marathons.

wrote and directed the low-budget feature Home Remedy, which received a good review in Variety. Tom Jewett was the cinematographer on the film.

produced a 13-week series of radio programs on the career of Ronald Colman on KPFK in 1980. His book Sex in the Movies was published by Citadel Press in 1986. He also authored three entries in the American Screenwriters volume of The Dictionary of Literary Biography, published in l984.

after working as production assistant on the feature Under Fire, completed the feature documentary Ernie Andrews: Blues for Central Avenue, which now available on video cassette from Rhapsody Films in New York.

was a production assistant on Wolfen and was a casting assistant on Heaven's Gate and Raging Bull.

wrote the screenplay for the low-budget horror film Frozen Scream. They taught screenwriting at the Oakwood School in Los Angeles, and in June 1981 they ran a seminar in writing horror films at the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute. Michael subsequently appeared as Joseph Mengele in the camp classic Surf Nazis Must Die and Celeste worked as a director's assistant at Filmation Studios.

took sound on Penelope Spheeris's 1984 film Suburbia.

after going through the Directors Guild training program, was the assistant director on features such as Raise the Titanic and television series such as The Duck Factory.

worked on the animation for Fox Broadcasting's series The Tracey Ullman Show.

has directed music videos for Kim Carnes and Rod Stewart, among others.

Performers who have attended classes in the LACC Cinema program have gone on to appear in such films as Alambrista!, The Other Side of Midnight, Stardust Memories, Bound For Glory, Paternity, Lifeguard, Missouri Breaks, Below the Belt, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Endangered Species, Under Fire, Bull Durham and many others. LACC Cinema students have worked or appeared in the following television programs: Hawaii Five-O, Rockford Files, Quincy, Busting Loose, Emergency, Marcus Welby, Kojack, The Immigrants, Happy Days, Cheers and many others.

LACC Cinema Animation students have found jobs at Stephen Bosustow Productions, Peter Aries Productions, Hanna-Barbera, Title House, and other companies.

Short student films have been shown on both network and cable television.

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