Graduated Students

Graduation Petition

Students planning to graduate should petition during the term in which they will complete all requirements.

Students may submit petitions to evaluate progress towards the completion of degrees, certificates, IGETC and/or CSUGE certification, and the WICHE Interstate Passport through the online Student Information System (SIS) portal where all submissions aggregate in the SIS repository for tracking, data and accountability purposes.

Students may petition in their SIS Portal by clicking on the Academic Records tile and then selecting Petition to Graduate from the menu bar on the left.

  • Degrees: If you are applying for an Associate Degree or Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), we recommend that you see a counselor to review your progress towards completion. SIS Log In to Petition
  • Certificates: If you are applying for a Certificate of Achievement, you may petition through your SIS Portal.
    • IGETC and CSU GE-Breadth: If you are requesting transfer certification, you may petition through your SIS Portal. If you are transferring to a UC or CSU campus and are confident you meet all the requirements for IGETC or CSUGE, you may request our counseling faculty to review and certify you Online.

In your SIS Portal click on Academic Records tile, select Petition to Graduate in the menu bar, and verify that your program, degree and/or certificate are correct. Should you need assistance ask your counselor.

  • For students who meet all the requirements by the end of any given term, Admissions and Records staff shall post degrees and certificates on students records within eight (8) weeks after the final grades are posted for any given term.
  • Your name will appear on the degree or certificate as it appears on our current records. You may go to the Admissions & Records to update any personal information changes such as name, address, etc.

Log in to Petition to Graduate


Catalog Rights

Students may elect to graduate under the requirements of the LACC catalog in effect at the time they began their study at LACC, any year in-between as long as they maintain continuous enrollment, or in the year they graduate from LACC. Continuous enrollment means attendance in at least one term per academic year in the LACCD, including summer and winter intersessions. Any academic record symbol (A-F, CR/NC, P/NP, I, IP, W, EW) shall establish enrollment. Students who do not have continuous enrollment are considered returning students and must follow the catalog requirements in effect at the time of re-enrollment.


Course Substitutions

Major course requirements for local degrees and certificates of achievement may be substituted or waived solely at the discretion of academic department faculty, provided that the major requirement units do not fall below 18 units for the local degree or 16 units for the certificate of achievement. Course substitutions need not be stated in the college catalog, student information system, TES, or any other database that houses academic program requirements in order to be valid. Course substitutions for major requirements for Associate Degrees for Transfer may be recommended by academic department faculty, but must be reviewed and approved by the college Articulation Officer. Online Petition

Outside Coursework

  • If you are using coursework completed from colleges or institutions outside of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) toward an Associate Degree, ADT or Certificate of Achievement, we recommend that you make an appointment with a counselor to properly evaluate your transcripts and develop an educational plan to determine which courses are required to complete your degree or certificate.
  • You may check previously evaluated courses from other colleges in our TES database.
  • Coursework from regionally accredited colleges or institutions outside LACCD must be on file with our College. This also applies to any coursework taken within our District prior to spring 1974. Transcripts from other institutions must be mailed directly to LACC's Admissions Office.


For fall 2023 we provide online services as well as have counselors available in-person (Monday-Thursday 9-3pm). Hours are subject to change.

Counseling Intern Pool:
To apply for possible 2023-2024 Unclassified Paid Intern positions in the Counseling Department (must be enrolled in a college undergraduate or graduate program), please complete the form at this LINK


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