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The Academic Accommodations Authorization Form is going paperless starting Summer 2020! The procedures for how OSS and instructional faculty interact to provide academic accommodations for students are changing and the video, along with the step-by-step guide below will walk you through those changes. Please contact OSS if you have any additional questions about the online academic accommodations procedure.


Archived PDF: Online Accommodation Letter Step-By-Step Guide for Faculty

hi folks this is a short video presentation by the Office of Special Services at Los Angeles City College in regards to our new online process for accommodation letters. the purpose of this video is to prepare our instructional faculty for successful transition to online accommodations. so the first thing you're going to do is log on to your faculty portal online and you're gonna want to go to your faculty home page right up here the drop down menu and select Outlook email. if an accommodation letter has been generated by the OSS faculty for a student in your class then you should receive an email with the link to that online accommodation letter. so let's go here the email source should be from no reply and the subject line should say student DSPS accommodation request. so let's scroll down on your inbox here and here it is so as you can see in the email the link is provided right here the additional links down here are to provide guidance and support if you need it let's click the link and it will bring us to the DSPs accommodation form page at the top you will see the student's name student ID number the OSS faculty who initiated the accommodations the class section number the term campus and the course title on the left hand side you will see the approved classroom accommodations on the right hand side you will see the approved alternative testing accommodations if you scroll down a little bit you will see the attachments section now this part is if the OSS faculty wants to share any documents with you on behalf of the student they would attach it here you could click it and download it and if you keep scrolling down you'll get to session B and this is your portion so right at the top it says to be filled out by the instructor and your name should be at the top if there are multiple instructors teaching the class then you can click the right arrow until you get to your form and fill it out each instructor will need to fill out their own separate form for the student in the class down here we have three options we would recommend that you select one of the first two options and only select the third option if it applies to you and I will go into detail about that in a little bit here so the first option is saying you authorize OSS to accommodate and Proctor the students exams if so go ahead and mark any of the general exam preferences that you are allowing for all students to have throughout the semester for all exams in that class if you allow open book for the exams go ahead and mark that if you allow use of notes go ahead and Mark that and etc. right down here are the preferences for exam delivery and return so for example you could mark that you are delivering the exam and will be picking up the exam afterward with the Covid 19 situation many of the exams are now being administered on Canvas online as many of you know and instructors can extend the exam times themselves however if you have students who are deaf or hard of hearing or blind or low vision and or if they need assistive technology then go ahead and mark option 1 and the virtual OSS alternative testing center will work with the student to get them set up with what they need option 2 is saying that you will Proctor and accommodate the student yourself for their exams again this was more so for on-campus in-person exams but if you have a student that only needs extra exam time then go ahead and mark this one instead option 3 only mark this one if you have concerns about an approved accommodation or any of the approved accommodations and as such you will contact the OSS office within one business day of receiving the accommodation letter to discuss your concerns with them after you have made your choice go ahead and click the button right here that says instructor reviewed and it should change the status automatically from pending to approved now what will happen after is an email will automatically be generated to the students school email to notify the student that the accommodation letter has been received and reviewed by you and it will also provide them a link that they can click to go and view the finalized accommodation letter online and that's it that's how you review and approve the accommodation letter for your student if you want to stick around to watch the next portion I'm going to show you guys how you can go online to your faculty portal and pull up the students completed accommodation letter if you need to refer to it throughout the semester all right so to go back in and pull up your students completed accommodation letter for reference purposes go back in and log in on your faculty portal online and once you are logged in go to the AA home page drop-down menu select faculty home page select the faculty center tile make sure the semester is correct if it's not go ahead and click Change term to change it to the correct term scroll down to the correct class section and click the 3 Headed icon right here to access the class roster and then as you can see on the far right-hand side there's an accommodation column so if you have a student who has been approved for accommodations for your class this column will automatically be generated so let's scroll down to the student right here and then click accommodation next to the student's name and there you go so you can see that all the same information is there from before and it's been grayed out if you guys have any more questions about this please feel free to reach out to the Office of Special Services at @email. Thanks

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