Counseling Courses

3 Units (Lec 3 Hrs)
Transfer Credit: CSU (CSUGE Area E)

This course is designed for students who are undecided about their pathways, career, and/or educational goals. It is a hands-on and interactive career planning process that includes the following topics: self-exploration, clarification on values, interest and skills analysis, researching career options, interviewing skills, decision making, and goal setting process. Counselors will assist students in creating an educational plan based on major and career pathways.

1 Units (Lec 1 Hr)
Transfer Credit: CSU

This course introduces new students to American higher education, including the masterplan of higher education in California, and the transfer process. It is designed to enable students to become active participants in planning their long-term educational goals. Students will be introduced to the academic requirements for certificates, associate degrees, and university transfer. Topics also include academic success skills, campus and district policies, career planning, and federal and state regulations for resident and nonresident students. During the course, students will develop an educational plan geared toward their goals. The course will consist of lecture, use of online resources, guest speakers, and student assignments.

3 Units (Lec 3 Hrs)
Transfer Credit: CSU (CSUGE Area E)

UC Students explore issues related to higher education that contribute to student success. Topics will include an overview of academic success skills, value and purpose of higher education, college and district policies and procedures, ethics and responsibility, diversity in higher education, educational strategies and planning, interpersonal communication, career development, health issues, and self-assessment techniques.

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