Online Forms

Student AND Counselor Signatures Required

Academic Renewal
Used to remove grades of D or F from your grade point average without repeating the class

Grade Repeat
Used to request grades of D or F be removed from your grade point calculation when you have repeated the class outside of LACCD and have the official transcript, with final grade, on file in Admissions
ADT Oral Comm IGETC for UC Petition
Associate Degree for Transfer IGETC for UC Student Selection Petition
Unit Overload Petition
Under LACCD guidelines, students are allowed to register district-wide a maximum of:
► 19 units in the fall/spring semester
► 9 units in the winter/summer session
This form is used for LACC students who wish to add additional units
Petition for Readmission
This petition is to be used only by students who have been dismissed and wish to be readmitted to the colleges of the Los Angeles Community College District
Home College / Major / Educational Goal Change Petition
Used to petition change of home college, program plan (major), and educational goal
Discipline Faculty Signature Required
Prerequisite Challenge Petition
This form to be used if you are requesting an academic department exemption to a prerequisite

4th Attempt Request
Students who wish to repeat a course for a 4th time must complete and submit this form
(Discipline Faculty AND Counselor Signatures Required)

Submitted by Student
Pass/No Pass Grade Petition
Used to adjust grading method to a “Pass/No Pass” basis
General Petition Online
Used to request changes to your permanent record
Submitted by Counselor ONLY
GE Transcript Evaluation Request
Submitted by Student OR Counselor 
Course Substitution Petition 
Students or counselors may submit to the appropriate faculty to review and determine if a substitution for a listed major requirement in a certificate of achievement, local degree, or ADT can be approved


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